Where Has Family Time Gone

Have you thought about how the world of technology has put a division between you and your family? The time we spend attending to our different electronic devices can actually be time taken away from speaking to our family members.

The Blackberry offers up some great benefits for users so that things are made simpler. The organizer will help keep you on task so that you do not miss any important meetings or events. The GPS system helps when you are traveling in a new area so that you do not get lost on your way. This unit offers much entertainment all while you are on the move.

Take the new portable DVD players that are on the market now. These are a lifesaver for parents that are in their vehicles a lot with children. It’s so easy to keep your children pre-occupied while in the car with the advanced technology of having DVD’s in our vehicles. This helps to keep the kids calm and occupied on lengthy trips.

For many people on the go a lot of these new technology devices are a major asset. Nevertheless, there are downsides to these new advances in technology that many people overlook. It would seem that traditional children’s products are being pushed to the wayside.

With cell phones now in the hands of almost all people, we are spending more and more time on the phone. How many children have sat tugging on their parent’s shirt waiting for what seems like forever for them to get off the phone so they can have a conversation with them? Everywhere you look, you can see people sitting in the restaurant with their kids and a cell phone to their ear. We hand our kids a gaming device so that they are entertained and will give us a few minutes of peace and quiet. It’s not too far fetched to find in every household whereby you have a child with ear phones in his ear, mom is doing the bills at the computer and dad is on his cell phone finishing up a business call? We seem to live in what is the ifamily no longer interacting in the real world with our loved ones. It has gotten out of control. How can we turn back the clock and fix the direction we are going?

Nothing can take the place of spending real time with your family. Playing good old-fashioned board games with your children gives all of you a chance to really talk and get to know each other. Many parents think they know their children but in truth how can you know them if you are too busy to really connect through a true conversation. Connecting with your kids takes more than just speaking to them on their cell phones. while their on the go. A great way to spend time and bond with your children is to play one of those old-fashioned board games with them.

With small children, a bedtime story at the end of a busy day can do wonders for both of you. Your voice while you read a children’ book to your small child can help build a bond between you and your child. This can see you through many of the hectic times as you move forward through a busy day.

As we move forward as a society, more and more we are starting to live in isolation due to the advances of technology. It’s important to not let technology replace good old-fashioned family time that truly connects the family at deeper levels. We can send letters over the computer through emails to our loved ones to tell them we love them and stay in touch.

This does not take the place of an old-fashioned hand written letter. Nothing speaks louder of our love than dropping the technology and connecting with other people in the real world. Human contact is so important but, unfortunately, and in many ways, technology has pulled us further and further away from each other.