Virginia Beach Family Vacation

Virginia Beach family vacation is certainly not meant to be constrained to a dip in the sea and sunbathing on the shore. There is an element of excitement that reverberates in the very air you breathe; no, it’s not just the salty spray. In fact, when you’re done with the sand castle and shell collecting routine, the fun has just begun.

Take off to the First Landing State Park for an extended version of your Virginia Beach family vacation. Get re-acquainted with nature as you go hiking, biking, boating or simply strolling around its vast grounds. What would really get your kids all excited would be a visit to the Aquarium & Marine Science Center. You might not want to pet a sting ray or touch a shark, but don’t assume your kids feel the same. You’ll be amazed to see the world through the eyes of a crab. Talk about perspectives.

Let your Virginia Beach family vacation move on to Ocean Breeze Water Park for more fun of the splashing variety. NAUTICUS National Maritime Center would be of immense interest to kids, especially when they feast their eyes on a honest-to-goodness battleship, the USS Wisconsin. The towering presence of the Cape Henry Lighthouse is one for the camera; so go prepared. The view from here is astounding and so is the history behind this cast-iron structure. There’s more here to add to the thrill of a Virginia Beach family vacation.

Lend an aesthetic touch to your Virginia Beach family vacation. The Norfolk Botanical Garden can only be described as a sight for sore eyes with its abundance of azalea blooms, roses, and more in spring time. Keeping eternal vigil here are figures of such eminent personalities as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Rubens and others of similar stature. While at Norfolk, consider a visit to the Chrysler Museum of Art to check out the fine collection of art works ranging from ancient to modern and everything in between. Here’s your chance on your Virginia Beach family vacation to introduce your children to the finest of paintings from Monet to Warhol under one roof.

Neighboring cities with plenty to offer a Virginia Beach family vacation are Hampton Roads with a wealth of war history, Chesapeake with its awesome Bay Bridge that takes over 20 minutes to cross, and Fairfax with its profusion of quaint restaurants. You might want to check out the exotic island of Chincoteague, famous for its oysters and clams, while you’re here on your Virginia Beach family vacation.

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