Some Interesting Facts About Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families is one of the leading brands of collectibles that include a number of interesting figures. Basically the figures have their own homes, features and accessories. Each of them belongs to different families and they stay in the Sylvania. Thus, these toys have a very serious message to deliver to the young kids. They teach the kids the traditional family values in a way that the kids would love. In fact, the figures are so attractive and the world is so brilliant that the kids soon lost in it. They can collect these figures individually or as set.

Now, the great thing with the Sylvanian Families is that each of the families here has its own characteristics. For example, the Forrest and Preston are the exclusive members of Grey Bear Family. Similarly, the Duck family includes Wanda and Bill Waddlington. They happen to be the Mayoress and Mayor of Sylvania. Thus, each of the families has its own characters and they have specific roles in the context of Sylvania where they live happily. Now, if you are fascinated by the concept of the Sylvanian families, you will find its history even more attractive.

Sylvanian Families trace its origin in Japan where the range was launched by Epoch in the year 1985. In the USA and Canada, the models were launched soon after by Tomy. However, the brand took another couple years to spread in the markets of the Ireland and the UK. Very soon, the brand became very popular. The Sylvanian cartoon was selling like hot cakes in 1988. In fact, for three consecutive years starting from 1987, the Sylvanian Families won the Toy of the Year award. Soon, the Sylvanian Families became quite a familiar name for the kids.

However, the 1990, the brand was not available in the Canada and USA. Yet, they are being sold in other countries across the globe. Once again, Tomy took the initiatives to reintroduce this brand in the USA and Canada. However, this time, the brand was renamed as Calico Critters. Once again, distribution stopped in these two countries in the year 1996. In 1998, the Sylvanian Families stopped its business in Ireland and UK. This time, Flair introduced the brand back in Europe. Though the distribution of the Sylvanian Families has not been very smooth, the demand for these toys has always remained very high.

At present Sylvanian Familiy is one of the leading manufacturers of the toys for kids. They produce as many as seven hundred different types of Sylvanian figures. However, if you consider all the figures manufactured by them, the number will exceed 1400.

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