The Sticker Family Uk

The sticker family UK is now offering an awesome set of My Family Stickers for our family — stickers that work well as family car stickers and general family stickers for around the house and other applications.There are stick figures portraying all sorts of mums and dads, boys and girls, babies and older children and even cats, dogs and many other types of pets. You really have to check it out to believe just how many fantastic variations there are. You really can create a totally unique combination to depict your own family. At last count there were well over 100 options available, with more being requested and made available as time goes on.These cool family characters were originally intended as bumper stickers and family stickers for cars only, but have since turned into a fun present idea and are being used on many surfaces, given as gifts and used to visually share (or perhaps show off!) the members of your family with the public.Although it seems like a strange idea at first, it is a great craze that has caught on across the world — having begun it’s journey in Australia, and just recently launched here in the UK with after successful launches in Singapore and South Africa. The stickers will also soon be launching in Japan, Germany and Italy.It’s a lovely little family-run business and things are set to really take off, so keep an eye out for those cute little decals arriving in stores near you. Or, alternately, you can simply log onto their website to purchase them directly. Postal delivery time tends to be only a few days normally so you dont need to plan too far ahead if youre getting them for a birthday or christmas present.

How to Plan a Corporate Family Day Event

With the financial crisis fading, many businesses are still operating under tightened purse strings. Where staff celebrations used to help boost motivation and show appreciation, these have become an expensive luxury which many businesses can no longer afford.

The traditional staff party, with a meal followed by drinks has its pros and cons. For some employees, the hassle of organising childcare can prove expensive, while others enjoy the opportunity to see their colleagues in a non-work setting.

Something different

With more and more working parents in the UK workforce, perhaps it is time to change your approach to staff celebrations. Corporate family days are a relatively new idea in the UK, but originated in America. A corporate family day is an activity day planned with your employees and their families in mind.

Outdoor activities

Often with an outdoor activity theme, corporate family days usually involve the workforce working in small teams to complete a range of tasks. Similar to a team building day in some respects, a family day will challenge your staff in a variety of ways. The family element helps employers demonstrate their appreciation of their staff, not just as employees, but as parents too.

Planning the right sort of day

To plan a day that will be a success and enjoyable for all, you will need to find activities that are suitable for everyone attending. Find out the ages of your employees children, and find out if any have disabilities so you will be able to cater for and include everyone.

A good mix

The next stage is to devise activities that will be suitable for everyone, and that will cater to each of your employees strengths. Ideally you want each employee to have an activity which they can feel that they are good at.

Going to the professionals

You may decide, after thinking about the various risk assessments and health and safety forms you will need to fill in, that going to a professional would be a much simpler option!

There are several companies throughout the UK which offer corporate family day events. Often these will be based at outdoor activity centres, so look for some in your area.

The benefits of letting them run the show

Allowing an external company to take over the planning and organisation of your family day takes the pressure off of the internal teams responsible for organising it. This means that they will be in the same boat as the other employees, and be able to enjoy the event without worrying how it is received.

Also, by handing over to experts you know that they have a wealth of experience that they can call on in planning your event giving it every chance of becoming a great success.

Things to check

Make sure you have passed on all the important information to the family day organisers. These included details of ages, disabilities and dietary needs.