Career Pathways For Your Child – Nature Versus Nurture

When thinking about the future of your children, it is important to consider what they are capable of in order to ensure that you are leading them into the right direction. However, there is an argument between having to go with nature versus nurture when choosing which path to take in the skills development phase of your kid. To put it simply, the question is whether you should hone the skills that are in your child’s nature, innate skills that are, figuratively speaking, in your blood, or should you let your child choose what he or she want to be and let him or her take up a special course to develop that skill. Nature

By default, it has always followed even in ancient times that a family’s trade is being passed on from generation to generation. Given the exposure your child has to a particular industry your family is in, you can give him the option to continue just that.

Family Business

A lot of people consider it their destiny to pass on the family business to their children and expect their children to do the same to theirs. It is a good plan to keep the business in the family as long as the child is up for the job. If you see that your kid is keen enough to take on the family business, then see to it that he or she has everything he needs to learn and eventually run the trade on his own someday.


Another thing that you cannot easily teach someone is an inborn talent. If you find out that your child has a unique knack for something, it is rather wise to support and develop that talent. It is a very unique thing to have and when properly developed, it can be something worthwhile and profitable that he or she can do with his or her life in the future.


People who neither have the talent nor the exposure to a specific trade still have a fighting chance in the labor market and this is through education. A lot of people build their future on this as not everyone is blessed with the talent, nor do they come from families with skilled trades that are passed on. The good thing about being able to nurture your child into doing something is that they can be whatever they want to be. They can choose their profession and achieve their dreams. Special training courses and education are tools that are readily laid out to hone them and train them to be the professionals they eventually want to be.

By choosing the right career pathway for your child, you can rest assured that they are going to be set for life. Proper guidance and support from parents will go a long way in molding the child to be the person that they will be, and want to be in the near future.