Meditations Meditating for Good Will

One of the things we are taught when we are young is to respect each other and to treat each other with the up most respect. However some where along the way we seem to forget the art of good will. There is a simple meditation that you can use to help you ensure that your heart, mind and soul each day maintain good will towards all mankind.

The first step in this meditation is to sit comfortably into your meditation position. The recommended position for this meditation is to sit on the floor with no back support or alternatively sit on a chair with no back support. Ensure when you are in the position that your back and shoulders are straight, your head is upright, eyes closed with your palms pointing up and open.

Begin the meditation session by using a basic breathing technique. Clear you mind and use the simple breathing technique to ensure that you have focus to start the next stage of the meditation session.

First in your minds eye imagine your immediate family such as your husband or wife and your children if you have them. In your mind, begin with the mantra, “May my family live in total peace and in true happiness”. Continue saying this mantra whilst you see your family in your mind. Feel the love this mantra produces for your family. Feel the happiness and peace as your family lives its life in total peace and in true happiness.

The next stage of this meditation is to now extend that mantra to those people in a wider circle such as your friends, business associates, your customers and anyone who you may have met today. Now extend your mantra and say the follow, “May the people who come in contact with me who I call my friends know the love and peace I have to share.” Feel the love and peace to be extended to these people.

For this to truly work, you must now in your meditation session see one person who may have wronged you during the day. It may have been someone who cut in front of you whilst you were driving, an angry customer or somebody who was abrupt or rude to you. You must now use the mantra, “May the person who felt it necessary to be rude, know true peace and happiness and may they learn to treat others in kind”.

If at any time during your meditation session your thoughts track to inappropriate feelings such as anger or angst towards someone, simply start the meditation session from scratch and practice the mantras till you can get to the point where you can extend the goodwill to the person that took your focus away.

It has been proven time and time again, a person who harbor grudges and hate towards others live shorter lives because the hate builds into stress that causes stress to your body and weakens it. One of the great mantras or sayings I live my life by, comes from the greatest man to have walked on this earth and he spoke these words, “Love one another as I have loved you.” We have Meditation Music available to help you with your meditation. If you are suffering Asthma then check out our Buteyko Breathing Method training program. If you would like to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to learn how you can achieve greater success then you can get access to this book by visiting our website.