Private Film Production Make Your Family Movie

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose it seems like this line is familiar to you. Yes you are right this line is taken from the television show The wonder years. This is one of the popular comedy series in United States but this line is more emotional. It makes people realize that the time we spend today we make it memory tomorrow whether it is good or bad, these memories are with people for their entire life. People store their unforgettable moments in the form of pictures and share with loved ones but these pictures may fade sooner or later. It can make your memories dull as the days pass. You can preserve your moment in the new form by producing personal films. Do you think this is a joke? No, this is not at all a joke, you can now opt to store your memories in the form of films or videos.

There are many people who own a video camera to capture memories of different occasions and then recollect those memories after few months or years. Did you notice anything in this act of owning a camera and recording the events on your own? Yes the person capturing every single moment will not be visible in the entire video. But if you hire public video production service you dont have to worry about missing any of your family members.

Personal videos can also be known as personal documentaries. This concept of helping people to keep their memories safe was started by well known and award winning directors. There is no restriction to avail such service. You can have your Private film production to make a documentary film on your interests, collections, hobbies or passions. This private video production service is also used to provide unforgettable tribute or presentation. You can also make your movie on your adventures and leisure trip with your family. This is the best way to hold all beautiful moments you would not want to lose.

Private film production is completed in around a months time it may consume more time that depends on the amount of research required to make it perfect. There are few steps that this private video production follows such as meeting clients to know the details about the story, as per the ideas they present a budget and timeline to make a film, they will research and interview family members, friends to write a script and shoot at suitable locations. After completing the script and shooting, they move forward to editing and soundtrack that include sound effects and narration. Finally comes, the packing and delivery of the DVD. They have a special team to design unique and original package for DVD. They also provide duplicate DVD as a backup in case of loss of original DVD. Once the film is ready you can upload it on any website to share it with your friends and loved ones.

A Better Way to Host Summer Family Reunion – Enjoy Genealogy Slideshow

Summer vacation is the perfect time of one year for people to hold their annual family reunion. Therefore, summer family reunion is very popular.

Each year, we have experienced our reunion with all kinds of activities such as planting a tree, organizing a family softball /volleyball game, enjoying the sunshine at a beach and so on. Would you want to spend this family reunion in a meaningful and economical way during such recession time? Here below is a one-day gathering timeline and activity outline.

Activity outline of this summer vacation
1.Morning~noon: Drive to get together around noon
2.Afternoon: Have a simple lunch and then enjoy genealogy slideshow made with memorable pictures, from the new babies to the proud grandparents
3.Night: Hold a Night BBQ along with talent show to bring your own karaoke music
You do not need to go out farther and do not need to pay for the recreation ground to save your budget. Certainly, you can incorporate some other activities to plan a two-day reunion.

Create a genealogy slideshow

1>Things to be prepared

1.A computer with PowerPoint installed, or some other photo slideshow software
2.Pictures of family members
If you have a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you can make a family album to remember and cherish the special moments of each member in your family history. And you do not need to buy and learn to use other photo slideshow software.

2>Steps to create a genealogy slideshow

Step 1: Collect pictures
You should ask other family members to provide pictures.
Pictures on special events or funny pictures about your family members would be OK. Pictures and video clips of both new babies and grandparents are required.

Step 2: Save all the digital pictures and the scanned ones in a new document with a name of family album

Step 3: Create a family reunion slideshow with PowerPoint and you can start the album with the pictures of your forefathers, and then the younger ones, at last the kids.

Step 4: Add a number of vivid caption bubbles to describe the pictures and bring more life to this slideshow.

Step 5: Add video clips to your slideshow
You can add some family video clips that you have collected from the family member to spice up your slideshow. Click here to know how to add videos to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 6: Add music to your slideshow
Click the article How to Add Music Song to PowerPoint Presentation to know the details.
Recommended sweet songs
Here is a list of songs that really show an appreciation and love between or for family members, you can choose one of them to add to your slideshow.
“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle
“Then They Do” by Trace Adkins
“Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris
“My Front Porch Looking In” by Lonestar
“I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Well done! A meaningful genealogy slideshow is completed ahead of your family reunion.

Enjoy the genealogy slideshow
Family members can enjoy the genealogy slideshow that you created after lunch. You can view it on computer with your family together. I also want to suggest you view PowerPoint slideshow on wide screen TV or plasma if you have a big family.
To view PowerPoint slideshow on TV, you need to save your PowerPoint to DVD. There are many ways to burn PowerPoint to DVD. An all-on-one PowerPoint to DVD burner named PPT2DVD is recommended. With the built-in burner of this PowerPoint to DVD converter, you can make duplicated copies by burning the output DVD folder or image (iso) file to blank DVDs without converting it again. Then you can disperse it to your relatives for long preserve and memory.

During the Night BBQ and talent show, you may also take vast amount of pictures. In the same way, you can create and distribute the slideshow to other members. You can also make karaoke music DVD with this method.

Enjoy it and have a nice summer family reunion.

Time for a Family Road Trip!-00-3314

Deciding on a family road trip can be a daunting challenge, not to mention an exercise in patience. However if you prepare ahead of time, the trip can be one of the most memorable experiences of your familys life.

Here are some quick and easy tips for making your family road trip a fun and safe one.

First, prepare a checklist of items you will need. This will include first aid kit, food, snacks, drinks, and lots of toys, coloring books, paper and crayons, a portable DVD player so your kids can watch their favorite movies; and a cooler. A good idea is to ask the kids what games they would like to take, within limits of course.

Ensure that the snacks are healthy in nature. Too many sugar snacks can have the kids bouncing off the car seats. Remember, this is a relaxing family vacation and you want to avoid the kids getting bored or repeatedly asking you when you are going to arrive.

Check online to print out games for the road that you and the kids can play along the way. There are an assortment of puzzles and riddles as well.

In addition, if you have very young children you will need to take the diaper bag and wipes for the occasional spills, blankets and pillows if applicable and a favourite item or stuffed animal for the young ones is a good idea as well.

Second, decide on the destination and then contact AAA for a trip ticket. Ask for the scenic route, one that is much more calming and pleasing to the eye, especially the driver!

Third, as you check out the planned route you may want to check online to find gas stations along the way that offer the cheapest gas. Also if there are any points of interest along the route mark them on the map and plan to stop at these sites.

Fourth, while on the road ensure that you make pit stops regularly. This will allow the kids to run around and let off some steam, while allowing the adults to stretch and reenergize. Bring along a football or soccer ball so that the entire family can have some fun while exercising at the same time.

Finally, it is very important that safety concerns are met. This includes having the car checked at your local mechanic or gas station. Ensure that the oil and filter are changed; the tires are well inflated (dont forget the spare tire, too); the windshield wipers are replaced (if needed); and the car is in great condition before you head out.

In addition, you may want to place the following items in your trunk: a lawn chair, extra blanket, emergency road kit, umbrellas, water, flashlight and batteries, a battery-powered radio, and windshield wiper cleaner. In the glove compartment include a first aid kit and cell phone charger. Keep all medications in a Ziploc bag in the glove compartment as well.

Another good idea is to take a list of telephone numbers including the hotel or motel where you are staying as well as those of family and friends you may need to contact.

Where Has Family Time Gone

Have you thought about how the world of technology has put a division between you and your family? The time we spend attending to our different electronic devices can actually be time taken away from speaking to our family members.

The Blackberry offers up some great benefits for users so that things are made simpler. The organizer will help keep you on task so that you do not miss any important meetings or events. The GPS system helps when you are traveling in a new area so that you do not get lost on your way. This unit offers much entertainment all while you are on the move.

Take the new portable DVD players that are on the market now. These are a lifesaver for parents that are in their vehicles a lot with children. It’s so easy to keep your children pre-occupied while in the car with the advanced technology of having DVD’s in our vehicles. This helps to keep the kids calm and occupied on lengthy trips.

For many people on the go a lot of these new technology devices are a major asset. Nevertheless, there are downsides to these new advances in technology that many people overlook. It would seem that traditional children’s products are being pushed to the wayside.

With cell phones now in the hands of almost all people, we are spending more and more time on the phone. How many children have sat tugging on their parent’s shirt waiting for what seems like forever for them to get off the phone so they can have a conversation with them? Everywhere you look, you can see people sitting in the restaurant with their kids and a cell phone to their ear. We hand our kids a gaming device so that they are entertained and will give us a few minutes of peace and quiet. It’s not too far fetched to find in every household whereby you have a child with ear phones in his ear, mom is doing the bills at the computer and dad is on his cell phone finishing up a business call? We seem to live in what is the ifamily no longer interacting in the real world with our loved ones. It has gotten out of control. How can we turn back the clock and fix the direction we are going?

Nothing can take the place of spending real time with your family. Playing good old-fashioned board games with your children gives all of you a chance to really talk and get to know each other. Many parents think they know their children but in truth how can you know them if you are too busy to really connect through a true conversation. Connecting with your kids takes more than just speaking to them on their cell phones. while their on the go. A great way to spend time and bond with your children is to play one of those old-fashioned board games with them.

With small children, a bedtime story at the end of a busy day can do wonders for both of you. Your voice while you read a children’ book to your small child can help build a bond between you and your child. This can see you through many of the hectic times as you move forward through a busy day.

As we move forward as a society, more and more we are starting to live in isolation due to the advances of technology. It’s important to not let technology replace good old-fashioned family time that truly connects the family at deeper levels. We can send letters over the computer through emails to our loved ones to tell them we love them and stay in touch.

This does not take the place of an old-fashioned hand written letter. Nothing speaks louder of our love than dropping the technology and connecting with other people in the real world. Human contact is so important but, unfortunately, and in many ways, technology has pulled us further and further away from each other.