Bannerghatta Biological Park To Widen Horizons For Your Exciting Family Holidays In India!

There is no age for heading to a nature trail, like there is no age for playing video games. And, it is not only children or grown up men, who like to spend their holiday playing visual games over the television or play station. A lot of women also like to be a part of this because leaning back on a bean bag the whole day and competing over a game with your joystick is something very exciting. However, coming back to the more exciting activity to do during your family vacations is to explore the wild side of this world, especially India. India is house to a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries and parks that have been sustained till date. These lush areas are shelters to some amazing species of the nation that include animals, birds, reptiles, and other creatures. So, next time, when you want to have some fun with your family, then you can surely opt to discover the wild.

With numerous choices that have been made available in the country for an animal gazing safari, this time you might like to cover the south of India. In the southern state of Karnataka, near the city of Bengaluru lies the Bannerghatta National Park. A small portion within this park called as the Bannerghatta Biological Park has been well maintained for tourists to visit and have a trail of the jungle. This park widens horizons for an exciting family holiday in India for the nature lovers and adventure junkies. Having such a place not only adds to the tourism of India, but also is a great way to educate people and their kids about the rich natural habitat of the country. A day might arrive, when these creatures will become extinct due to the constant deforestation and pollution. Then, you will only be able to see them in pictures. However, in order to avoid such a time, you need to gain knowledge about saving the environment. Taking your child to a wildlife park is the best way to do this, which you can do at Bannerghatta.

Tourists can come across a large variety of species of animals like elephant, leopard, bison, chital, sambar, sloth bear, barking deer, wild boar, wild dog, jackal, mouse deer, bonnet macaque, striped hyena, porcupine, and more at Bannerghatta. Several types of birds and reptiles can also be found here, which comprise of peacocks, cuckoos, eagles, wood peckers, wagtails, flycatchers, strokes, partridges, lizards, crocodiles, tortoise, python, cobra, viper, etc. Frogs and toads can be seen in the water bodies, while you can also explore the butterfly park constructed within the biological park. Now isnt that exciting? In addition to this, Karnataka is one of the best holiday destinations in India, where you can holiday at, during your vacation to the south.

Post the wildlife gazing, you and your family can enjoy the boating trip, which is one of the many refreshment facilities offered at the park. This can bring to a beautiful end to your holiday trip in the country!