Homemade Coasters For Your Family

You can make everyday items personally in the comfort of your own home. From natural home cleaners to cookie cutters to even glass coasters, all of these items can now be made using ordinary materials. Glass coasters are functional and stylish items that you can make at home using old materials. The materials can be found readily at your home as well and making them requires only a few minutes. You can use these homemade coasters as gifts or you can use them as spare coasters if you get tired of the usual coasters you find at the local home store.

Whats best is you can show your creativity and make these as a creative expression that the whole family can enjoy. When you have guests, unique homemade coasters can be great conversational items as well. Homemade coasters can either be frame coasters, floppy disk coasters, tin can coasters, wooden coasters, or vinyl. Here are some tips, suggestions, and ideas for making your own homemade coasters.

-Frame coasters are cute and classy coasters that are actually small picture frames. Because of the size, they can easily fit into the dining table and their glass material makes for a complimenting piece. Use frames (whether new ones or old ones) that have a thin frame border so the glass can easily fit in the center. You can also have photos or any images laminated and make these as coasters.

-The inside of a floppy can make as great alternative to the classic coasters. Because of their round shape, the insides of an old floppy disc can be laminated and made into a classic black coaster. Discard the square outer shell as their size will not be appropriate for average table sizes.

-If you have discarded or placed your floppy discs in the attic, use old CDs instead. You can put cloth borders on the CDs or place carton material on the bottom so the CD coasters will not slip on the table.

-Tin can covers make for great coasters as well. Cut out the cover into a round shape and put cloth or cork material on the edges or border as the sharpness of the tin can easily cut through someones skin.

-Get a plain board of cork and cut them into round shapes for another classic coaster. You can be creative with its border and other details or design that you want with it as the material is already flexible.

-A spare vinyl item can be cut into coasters and they can be durable and non-slip as well.

You can also experiment with other materials but just make sure to use material that is waterproof in case of accidental spills. Also use material that is not too slippery when placed on the top of your table. Remember that no matter how beautiful or unique your coaster is, safety should still be the top most consideration. With a the right materials, a little creativity, and some patience, you can make almost any item at home. Using old or recycled materials, your creativity can truly shine with different arts and crafts.

How To Choose A Family Dentist In Cincinnati

Are you suffering from tooth decay or oral hygiene and looking for someone who can help you to gain mesmerizing smile. The article will through light on some basic and detail information about choosing a good family dentist, but you want to choose the best tooth doctor you can possibly find. Searching a good dental practitioner near your locality is not a big deal. You need to be little aware and a good searcher to find good Dentist in Cincinnati.

The first port of call when searching for a good dentist is to look at how they present themselves to the public. A flashy dental practitioner who has his smiling face plastered over every billboard in the city is probably not going to be a very good family tooth doctor. Somebody who spends all their time presenting themselves to the public will have very little time dedicated to patient care.

What you should not lend much weight to when making your judgment is the appearance of the practice itself. Making your decision based upon which area of town, how shiny, and how slick the practice is is not a wise decision as even the worst dental practitioner can cover up his or her poor dental work and care with a new coat of paint in the waiting room. What your concern should be is the dentist as a professional.

Next, you should try and find some of the dentists current patients. A quick interview with them can easily tell you exactly what a tooth doctor is like. If its possible to ascertain if they have had any dental work carried out by the dental practitioner then it can also be a telltale sign of a good or bad tooth doctor. A good tooth doctor will have their work last for years and years before it has to be looked at again.

If you have any need for dental work yourself, though, then asking the dentist about possible treatment options is another way that you can use to tell a good from a bad dental practitioner. The good tooth doctor will happily tell you about every possible option on the market. The bad dentist will either choose the easiest treatment option for him or the most expensive treatment option for you. These dental practitioners should be avoided at all costs.

Also you should beware of a dentist that may offer elaborate and complicated treatment plans on a regular basis, this sort of thing can be gained from talking to current patients, as this is often just a ploy in order to allow the dentist to make your money. More often than not, treatment does not require these intricate plans which cost thousands and thousands of pounds in order to fix simple problems.

Remember, the United States is a private health care system. A private health care system is essentially a business which is why you do on occasion get dental practitioners who will try and extract the most money possible from their patients. A good dentist will rarely, if ever, offer these sorts of treatment plans.

Another sign of a poor dentist is through their use of sedation. This is due to multiple reasons; firstly, it exposes the patient to many unnecessary risks and it also may reveal something about the tooth doctor and his technical skill. Why does the dental practitioner need to use sedation on a routine basis? Is it because they are not confident in their work? Its very possible that they might be and that is not a dentist you want to expose you and your family to.

The Family Bible, An Echo Of The Medieval Book.

By the mid nineteenth century the Bible was regarded as being a lot more than just teachings inspired by the light of God.

They became objects of devotion in their own right, and given a special place in the house and often containing letters and memories in the form of dried flowers.

The family bible evolved into the religious hub of the house.

The Protestant faith of the time, held sacred the living Word, and placed more value on sermons rather than ritual, so it is not surprising that the Holy Bible became seen as such iconic objects.

The Bible publishers of the day served to the market by making massive family Bibles, complete with explanatory articles, special pages for births, deaths and marriages, and that owed much in style to the ancient book.

So the family Bible became the altar of domestic spirituality, somewhere where the sacred life of the household met the sacred life of the church founders, apostles & prophets.

As bookbinders we were housed in the grounds of an active monastery, perhaps for that reason we had far more than our fair share of family bibles to repair. Looking at our receipts I see we restored about twenty large format bibles a year

Unfortunately the structure of most of these family Bibles lacked the integrity of the contents.

In terms of design, many of these Family Bibles harked back to medieval examples of binding, at least in appearance.

The Family Bibles often had very heavy boards, often half an inch thick.

In further imitation of the early codex, they often came with clasps and fancy engraved corners. Some had brass edging around the sides of the boards.

Of course these fittings added a great deal to the boards’ weight

Attempting to keep within a tight budget, most of these Family Bibles were bound in thin sheepskin leather.

This thin skiver leather was just not up to the task of supporting the massive and heavy boards, that is why so many unrepaired Family Bibles can be found with one or more boards detached from the binding.

It is of course possible to repair these books, though they do represent a considerable investment, usually of several hundred pounds.

By Richard Edward Norman

Expert Repair of Family Bibles By Post

For over 30 years I ran a bookbinding studio within a Catholic community. In this time I became expert In the repair of large format Family Bibles. I am now a specialist in the repair of these books. I am also a qualified paper conservator.

How Attitudes To Family, Marriage And Divorce Have Changed

Attitudes to family, marriage and divorce have changed over the last century. Here we look at how different aspects of family life are seen compared to the past.


In the past people married at a much younger age on average than they do today. Marrying in your late teens or early twenties was the norm. Most people got married as this is what was expected of you, and people rarely considered not doing so.

Many fewer decide to marry these days. Many make the conscious decisions not to as they prefer to remain more independent. This can be the case for both genders. Some would argue that people wait to meet the right person now, whereas before they would marry the first person who came along.

Living Together while not Married

In the past it was not socially acceptable for unmarried couples to live together. It was seen as wrong and was therefore extremely rare. It is possible that this contributed to early marriage.

Unmarried couples living together has almost become the norm now. Many decide to see how they get along living together before they decide to marry. It is also common for couples to live together, and possibly have children, without ever getting married. They live the same way as a married couple without ever making it official.


It used to be rare for people not to have children. Most people would conform to a very specific lifestyle, marrying young and having children soon after. Hardly anyone had children before marriage, and it was even rarer for people to do this by choice.

Nowadays it is not uncommon at all for people to have children without being married and this is not seen as a big issue by most. Sometimes parents live together as a family with their children without being married, while others are single parents. Not everyone decides to have children either. It is no longer seen as something you must do so it has become more of a choice.

The Role of Women

A hundred years ago, the role of women was very specific. They were expected to marry, have children, and not work. Their role was to look after the home and their children while men went out to work.

Womens role in family life, and life in general, now depends on the individual person and her circumstances. Many still crave the traditional lifestyle of marriage and children, but many make other choices. There are many more career women; some are working parents while others dont have children at all. The role of men is also less rigid, and it is much more common than it used to be for Mothers to go to work while Fathers stay at home.


Divorce was once illegal so wasnt an option at all. Even once it did become legal it was rarely considered and was deemed a sin by many.

Now it is much more common for a variety of reasons. Attitudes have completely changed and divorce is seen as perfectly acceptable for those in an unhappy marriage and there is no longer the same stigma attached to it. Although some think of the increase in divorce as a negative, it could be argued that it is better than remaining unhappy. It is also practically easier with family law having changed to make it easier for those seeking a divorce.

Andrew Marshall (c)

Compare Family Income Benefit Insurance

This kind of cover is designed to give a monthly or yearly income to help if one or both wife and husband die and they require income to provide for dependents. Two things control the cost and these are chosen at the quotation stage and should be altered depending on your situation. The first is the term this is how long the policy will pay out for if you need to claim. A term of 15 years will give income for that length of time. However if you died at year 5 the family income benefit policy will only pay out for the next five years on a 10 year term. Cover at the best price at a time when you need it most
For eg you have a new born child. You could say that cover would be required for 20 years. You might set the term for the family income benefit policy for 18 years. You die 10 years in and the policy would only pay out for 8 years. However after the 8 year period the need for income ceases as the child is now able to earn income by themselves.
The other variable is the sum assured. Unlike a term insurance quote that pays out a fixed sum the sum assured will be set at the yearly income required. The family should already have or take out adequate insurance to pay off mortgages and loans therefore the income required can exclude these commitments. Family income benefit amount should be set to the amount the family will need with one partners income gone.
The best feature of family income benefit over term insurance is that amounts insured and income cannot alter. Unlike term insurance where a lump sum would be invested to provide income and therefore the income is variable and depends on performance of the investment. Another problem with using a lump sum to provide income is that in general people are scared by investing and many will waste the amount of the claim as the urge to use the sum assured and to buy cars or holidays can be to hard to stop.
In brief family income benefit can form a very important part of life insurance and protection planning. Used with level and decreasing life insurance policies to protect debts. It also other forms of illness and income protection covers. Your best advice and solution is to speak to a insurance adviser to help protect your family.