Hindu God Ganesh’s Family

Elephant-headed Ganesh, Hindu’s most renowned God, is a study in contrast. He is held in awe and reverence as a strong force who removes barriers in people’s lives. But Ganesha also summons a very down-to-earth affection. Some of this warmth originates from his direct involvement in our everyday lives and from the mythological tales about him and his family. The legends about Ganesha depict him as a committed son and a affectionate brother.

There’s no Hindu grandmother who doesn’t love reciting the story of Ganesh’s parentage and birth. Many versions abound, but here’s the popular one. Officially, Ganpati’s father is Lord Shiva the Destroyer, one of the holy trinity in the Hindu pantheon, a rather fearsome figure with matted locks and an ash-smeared body who spends eons meditating in the Himalayas. Parvati, his divine wife, presides over all of creation. Without her, the earth would be barren and perennially cold. During her husband’s extended absence, Parvati created a young boy for herself from a dollop of clay – none other than Ganesha. When Shiva, incognizant of his ‘son’s’ existence, returned back, Ganesh refused him from access to Parvati, who was bathing and had directed her son to guard against intruders. Shiv, whose rage could shatter the universe, chopped off the child’s head. When he realized his mistake, he replaced the boy’s head with that of an elephant. Shiva also granted Ganesha a boon – that he would be worshipped before the start of any earthly enterprise. Notwithstanding this dramatic event in childhood, Ganesh grew up to be regarded as the epitome of filial devotion.

Hindu mythology has few stories about Ganesh and his younger brother, Karthikeya. Where Ganesh is revered all over India, Karthikeya’s presence is predominant in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, where he is also known as Murugan, Subramanya or Arumugham. You couldn’t find two more contrasting personalities. Ganesh is comfortably tubby, warm, and patience personified; brother Karthikeya is all radiant energy and an impulsive lad. Ganesha has the lowly mouse as his vehicle while Karthikeya prefers the flashy peacock.

Like many Hindu sagas, stories of the Ganesh-Kartikeya interactions are possessed of a innocent simplicity, yet imbued with lessons for human race. One time, a mango infused with divine knowledge was brought to Mount Kailas in the Himalayas, where Shiva and Parvati hold court. Since only one individual could consume the fruit, a competition was suggested between their two sons – whosoever circumambulated the earth thrice and returned first would win the mango. Confident that his peacock would outrace Ganesha’s mouse, Kartikeya went off into space. Ganesha, on the other hand, simply folded his hands in prayer and walked around his seated parents, returning to his starting point ahead of Kartikeya. His reasoning? Shiva and Parvati contain the world within them; walking around his parents is equivalent to actually going around the earth. He won the mango, but then magnanimously offered it to his sulking brother.

There are contradictory views regarding the marital status of Ganesha. Some regions of India worships Ganesha as a bachelor while the rest of India worships him along with his two consorts. Ganesha is thought to be married to Siddhi (spiritual strength) and Buddhi (intellect) – the daughters of Brahma the Creator – one of the holy trinity in the Hindu pantheon. This is popularly taken to mean that where Ganesh is present, intellectual acumen and spirituality will follow. Legend also has it that Kartikeya grew up to marry Valli, a tribal maiden and Devayani, the daughter of Indra, the wind god. However, he is widely worshipped as a child-god possessed of a warrior’s skills, one who protects his devotees against all harm.

A Glimpse Of Costa Rican Culture And Traditions

Since the majority of Costa Ricans are not indigenous to the region, Costa Rica has less cultural flair than other Latin American Countries such as Mexico or Guatemala. Only one percent of the Costa Rican population is considered to be Indian, and there is a small Latin population who identify as Ticos, but a whopping 98 percent of the population is white.

While this has an affect on the Latin feel of Costa Rica, Costa Rica still resembles most other Latin counties as it is conservative, traditional, and predominately Catholic. Gender roles are extremely traditional with men and women respecting their roles within the family. Most Costa Ricans also live at home until they are married and going away to college or to find independence from ones family is rare.

The backbone of Costa Rican culture is the family. Family ties are of the utmost importance and some of the most important Costa Rican traditions revolve around the family: baptisms, engagement parties, weddings, first communions and funerals.

Religion also plays an important role in Costa Rican culture but takes a back burner to family. Many religious celebrations are more about spending time with family and partying than they are about the religious significance of the holiday. Religious parades and processions occur here just as they do in other Latin American countries but lack the colorful flair that is seen elsewhere. This is because the Indian and Latin populations are so small that they dont offer a mix of cultural religious practices.

Costa Rica experiences two major economic shutdowns that revolve around the Easter and Christmas holidays. During this time, Businesses can be closed for up to five days, transportation services cease, and families use this time to spend time together and worship.

Another integral part of Costa Rican tradition is the pilgrimage to Basilica de los Angeles. This pilgrimage takes place each year and is in honor of the Virgin of the Angels.

Even though religion has taken on less significance than it has in the past and families often vacation rather than observe religious customs, families continue to come together often. Large gatherings that include extended family are common and are perhaps the molding ground of Costa Rican culture.

by David Lovendahl, Costa Vista Marketing

How Realtors can help in Buying or Renting Out Multi Family Homes

In current declining market buyers and investors are having an inclination for multi-family homes. There are many factors which have to be considered while searching for the right property. Since many buyers are not familiar with multi-family homes, it is required to get a specialized help in these kinds of transactions. Thus, using a real-estate agent in these kinds of search will make your search trouble free and also effective.

In current declining market buyers and investors are having an inclination for multi-family homes. There are many factors which have to be considered while searching for the right property. Since many buyers are not familiar with multi-family homes, it is required to get a specialized help in these kinds of transactions. Thus, using a real-estate agent in these kinds of search will make your search trouble free and also effective.

A senior executive from Real Property Management1, a multi family home management services in Westchester says, -At Real Property Management, we are aware of the many moving parts that must work together in order to successfully and continually enable you to meet your goals. From tenant placement to rent collection, from maintenance to evictions, a landlord must constantly balance cash flow, expenses, tenant needs and legal requirements.- (Ref: Real Property Management Westchester, http://www.westchester.realpropertymgt.com/multi_family_homes.html)

For multi-family homes, a specialised person like a realtor can help a lot:

Experience: A realtor is up to date and knowledgeable about the current market conditions. A realtor is the best person who can suggest when is the right to buy a multi-family home, as there are many things that need to be considered such as demographic, local property values, interest rates, appraisal values, etc. Resourceful: A realtor has many resources available to them to find property as per your requirements. There is no doubt that you can drive around and search some property. In this way, not only you are wasting your time and but also there is no guarantee that whether the information you got is true or not. However, a realtor can view all the listings of for sale properties that accommodate you whether you’re looking for a duplex, triplex or a duplex as they also have many clients that are looking to sell their properties and already have a few options for you at hand without even having to search around. Using a realtor can save you a lot of time when searching for a property. Best Guidance: Realtors can provide you the best guidance through the entire process from matching your requirements to a property to the closing if necessary. A realtor will always ensure that you know all the necessary information and all your questions should be answered to your satisfaction about the property and will help you to close on a property. They can also find a mortgage company for a loan, performing inspections on the property, negotiations between both parties, writing up offers, and completions of contracts. 1. Real Property Management: Real Property Management is the nation’s local property manager. They provide multi-family homes management services in New York and much more. Office is located at 777 Westchester Avenue, Suite 101, White Plains, NY 10604. You can call at (914) 288-6023 and fax at (866) 314-9739. You can send mail at . For more details, visit www.westchester.realpropertymgt.com

Selling To Friends And Family Is It Necessary For Making Money In Network Marketing

A lot of us have heard the promise of opportunities to earn extra money with network marketing. The concept of how it works sounds great, and for a minute it appears to be something we can do. However when we are told that we will need to sell to our friends and family, we somehow lose interest. Well, the good news is that you can make money in network marketing without ever “pitching” your family and friends. A few decades ago, it was customary to do business with friends and family, and even going to sell door to door was acceptable. However, nowadays things have changed.

The truth is that, chasing around your friends and family are old school techniques. With the internet being so popular these days, connecting with people is a lot easier to do. You can connect with people through online social networks, blogs, forums etc. With the opportunity to connect with people so easily, you no longer have to depend solely on friends and family. Utilizing the right type of internet marketing strategies will cause interested prospects to seek you out.

Many times when you’re new to a network marketing company, the first thing your sponsor will ask you to do is to make a list of all of your friends and family. This may be company policy and the same strategy that was taught to your sponsor. Your sponsor may not be skilled in any other way of conducting business. You must take responsibility for learning newer methods yourself. Sometimes the methods that you’re taught work for you, and other times they don’t. You have to use your own judgment to determine what exactly fits your personality.

Your friends and family should all be aware of what you do for a living. All of your friends and family have needs, and and your product or service may just fill the need that they have. Just be sure to take the pressure off of them when you tell them. Let them know that you will only ask them to help you with referrals. In the meantime, if they choose to patronize your business, they will be sure to let you know; there will be no need for you to ask.

In conclusion, you can make money in Network Marketing business without bugging your friends and family. However, you must be diligent in investigating the methods of doing so yourself. There are a number of sources online where you can learn online and offline marketing. A good idea is to at least let your family and friends know what you are doing. They may be able to help assist you in growing your new business.

Dallas Family Law Attorney

Aspects of Family Law practiced by a Dallas Law Firm

Matters of the dissolution of marriage and all aspects of conservatorship and child support are aspects of Family law that requires a lot of expertise.

There are, however, many other parts of family law where expertise is require. Areas such the grandparent’s rights in divorce, the relocation of the children, Alimony, Premarital agreements and the validity of post marital agreements are some of these.

Pre- and Post marital Agreements.
In a Prenuptial agreement the parties intending to get married lay out the rights and duties of each spouse in the contract of marriage. To be enforceable they have to be signed prior to the actual nuptials taking place. There is no set format for a prenuptial agreement and the terms may vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of the parties at the time. Because of the long term possible effects of hastily signing such an agreement both parties are strongly advised to get legal representation to clearly spell out the significance of the terms. Experts in representing their clients in the drawing up of prenuptial agreements should be appointed to ensure that any pre-nuptial agreement is just and fair.

Post nuptial agreements tend to be more difficult to enforce in the courts. Nevertheless, if the marriage is in trouble or going through attempts to reconcile a post marital agreement may be entered into to outline what will happen in the event of a divorce. Experts at handling such matters should be appointed..

Spousal Maintenance (Alimony).
This is uncommon in Texas and only possible in a very limited set of circumstance where a marriage of over 10 years duration ends in divorce and the other party was guilty of a judgment of domestic violence within 2 years of the divorce. In these circumstances Spousal maintenance is possible and nn experienced attorney with lots of experience in Family Law matters should be found to advise their clients and represent them in hearings.

The dissolution of a homosexual relationship.
Single sex marriages are not recognized by the State of Texas. Nevertheless it has now become possible for partners to contract with each other. In the drawing up of the contract of cohabitation and the winding up thereof it is advisable to have family law attorneys with experience and expertise in these matters.

Child Relocation.
If the conservator needs to relocate away from a place where the non custodial parent can no longer easily exercise their visitation and parental rights a whole lot of issues come into consideration. Legal representation is vital in either case and an experienced and competent family law firm should be appointed. In any event it is the requirement of the moving parent to return to court to apply for a relocation amendment. The judge may or may not grant such a request or may do so adding costs to be borne by the relocating parent because of the additional expense of maintaining a parental relationship with the child.

Dallas Family Law Attorneys with skill and expertise in these fields may be appointed to ensure that the rights of each individual are cared for.