Virginia Beach Family Vacation

Virginia Beach family vacation is certainly not meant to be constrained to a dip in the sea and sunbathing on the shore. There is an element of excitement that reverberates in the very air you breathe; no, it’s not just the salty spray. In fact, when you’re done with the sand castle and shell collecting routine, the fun has just begun.

Take off to the First Landing State Park for an extended version of your Virginia Beach family vacation. Get re-acquainted with nature as you go hiking, biking, boating or simply strolling around its vast grounds. What would really get your kids all excited would be a visit to the Aquarium & Marine Science Center. You might not want to pet a sting ray or touch a shark, but don’t assume your kids feel the same. You’ll be amazed to see the world through the eyes of a crab. Talk about perspectives.

Let your Virginia Beach family vacation move on to Ocean Breeze Water Park for more fun of the splashing variety. NAUTICUS National Maritime Center would be of immense interest to kids, especially when they feast their eyes on a honest-to-goodness battleship, the USS Wisconsin. The towering presence of the Cape Henry Lighthouse is one for the camera; so go prepared. The view from here is astounding and so is the history behind this cast-iron structure. There’s more here to add to the thrill of a Virginia Beach family vacation.

Lend an aesthetic touch to your Virginia Beach family vacation. The Norfolk Botanical Garden can only be described as a sight for sore eyes with its abundance of azalea blooms, roses, and more in spring time. Keeping eternal vigil here are figures of such eminent personalities as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Rubens and others of similar stature. While at Norfolk, consider a visit to the Chrysler Museum of Art to check out the fine collection of art works ranging from ancient to modern and everything in between. Here’s your chance on your Virginia Beach family vacation to introduce your children to the finest of paintings from Monet to Warhol under one roof.

Neighboring cities with plenty to offer a Virginia Beach family vacation are Hampton Roads with a wealth of war history, Chesapeake with its awesome Bay Bridge that takes over 20 minutes to cross, and Fairfax with its profusion of quaint restaurants. You might want to check out the exotic island of Chincoteague, famous for its oysters and clams, while you’re here on your Virginia Beach family vacation.

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A Better Way to Host Summer Family Reunion – Enjoy Genealogy Slideshow

Summer vacation is the perfect time of one year for people to hold their annual family reunion. Therefore, summer family reunion is very popular.

Each year, we have experienced our reunion with all kinds of activities such as planting a tree, organizing a family softball /volleyball game, enjoying the sunshine at a beach and so on. Would you want to spend this family reunion in a meaningful and economical way during such recession time? Here below is a one-day gathering timeline and activity outline.

Activity outline of this summer vacation
1.Morning~noon: Drive to get together around noon
2.Afternoon: Have a simple lunch and then enjoy genealogy slideshow made with memorable pictures, from the new babies to the proud grandparents
3.Night: Hold a Night BBQ along with talent show to bring your own karaoke music
You do not need to go out farther and do not need to pay for the recreation ground to save your budget. Certainly, you can incorporate some other activities to plan a two-day reunion.

Create a genealogy slideshow

1>Things to be prepared

1.A computer with PowerPoint installed, or some other photo slideshow software
2.Pictures of family members
If you have a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, you can make a family album to remember and cherish the special moments of each member in your family history. And you do not need to buy and learn to use other photo slideshow software.

2>Steps to create a genealogy slideshow

Step 1: Collect pictures
You should ask other family members to provide pictures.
Pictures on special events or funny pictures about your family members would be OK. Pictures and video clips of both new babies and grandparents are required.

Step 2: Save all the digital pictures and the scanned ones in a new document with a name of family album

Step 3: Create a family reunion slideshow with PowerPoint and you can start the album with the pictures of your forefathers, and then the younger ones, at last the kids.

Step 4: Add a number of vivid caption bubbles to describe the pictures and bring more life to this slideshow.

Step 5: Add video clips to your slideshow
You can add some family video clips that you have collected from the family member to spice up your slideshow. Click here to know how to add videos to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 6: Add music to your slideshow
Click the article How to Add Music Song to PowerPoint Presentation to know the details.
Recommended sweet songs
Here is a list of songs that really show an appreciation and love between or for family members, you can choose one of them to add to your slideshow.
“Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle
“Then They Do” by Trace Adkins
“Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris
“My Front Porch Looking In” by Lonestar
“I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Well done! A meaningful genealogy slideshow is completed ahead of your family reunion.

Enjoy the genealogy slideshow
Family members can enjoy the genealogy slideshow that you created after lunch. You can view it on computer with your family together. I also want to suggest you view PowerPoint slideshow on wide screen TV or plasma if you have a big family.
To view PowerPoint slideshow on TV, you need to save your PowerPoint to DVD. There are many ways to burn PowerPoint to DVD. An all-on-one PowerPoint to DVD burner named PPT2DVD is recommended. With the built-in burner of this PowerPoint to DVD converter, you can make duplicated copies by burning the output DVD folder or image (iso) file to blank DVDs without converting it again. Then you can disperse it to your relatives for long preserve and memory.

During the Night BBQ and talent show, you may also take vast amount of pictures. In the same way, you can create and distribute the slideshow to other members. You can also make karaoke music DVD with this method.

Enjoy it and have a nice summer family reunion.

Will your family be ready for a natural disaster

Disasters can strike at anytime anywhere, will you and your family be ready? You should be aware of the risks in your area. Ask yourself do I live in a flood zone area, is my area known for hurricanes, earthquakes, hail storms, Tsunamis, wildfires, volcanoes, and tornadoes. If so you should plan according to the risk in your area.

Plan in advance where to meet if your family members are separated, like kids being in school, parents at work etc. Also have a certain person in which everyone will call to let them know where they are.

Prepare in advance an emergency supply kit. Figure out how much food and water your family will need for about 4 days. Today there is a variety of food storage containers that you can buy to use in your emergency kit. You can choose from freeze-dried fruits like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bell peppers, cheese, meats for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of the freeze-dried meals are fettuccine alfredo with or without chicken, beef stroganoff, beef stew, lasagna with meat sauce, chicken teriyaki with rice. Than there are dehydrated eggs, butter, tomatoes powder, low-fat granola. After you have everything you need put all your supplies into a large container with handles so that it will be easier to carry, but don’t make it to heavy.

A food storage container can also be used for your flashlight, batteries, radio, first-aid kit, matches, lighters, blankets, extra clothes, shoes, towels, paper plates, paper towels, wipes, plastic spoons, forks, knifes, tooth brush and paste, toilet paper and extra money. Also make copies of your insurance policies, mortgage papers, car information, family pictures, photo albums anything important to you and than burn them on a CD and place it into your container, or just keep the paper copies and put them into the container. Keep an up to date utility bill in the container to show proof that you were living there at the time of the diaster. Put your containers in a place that you can get to quickly.

If you live in a hurricane area the season runs between June and November in the United States. Most hurricanes are usually slow travelers so this will give you time to decide if you are going to stay or leave. If you are going to leave put your containers in the car early so that you will not leave anything. Leave early so that you will not get caught up in the traffic.

Tornado season is usually between April and July but sometimes it may come earlier. Those who have basements, or storm shelters should go there when they hear the sirens. Another safe place will be a room with no windows. If you live in a trailer home you should find other shelter and prepare to take your emergency kit with you.

Will your family be ready for the next natural disaster in your area? They can be if you have an emergency plan, and an emergency kit.

High Energy Biscuits is the beast food for emergencies.

Some Interesting Facts About Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families is one of the leading brands of collectibles that include a number of interesting figures. Basically the figures have their own homes, features and accessories. Each of them belongs to different families and they stay in the Sylvania. Thus, these toys have a very serious message to deliver to the young kids. They teach the kids the traditional family values in a way that the kids would love. In fact, the figures are so attractive and the world is so brilliant that the kids soon lost in it. They can collect these figures individually or as set.

Now, the great thing with the Sylvanian Families is that each of the families here has its own characteristics. For example, the Forrest and Preston are the exclusive members of Grey Bear Family. Similarly, the Duck family includes Wanda and Bill Waddlington. They happen to be the Mayoress and Mayor of Sylvania. Thus, each of the families has its own characters and they have specific roles in the context of Sylvania where they live happily. Now, if you are fascinated by the concept of the Sylvanian families, you will find its history even more attractive.

Sylvanian Families trace its origin in Japan where the range was launched by Epoch in the year 1985. In the USA and Canada, the models were launched soon after by Tomy. However, the brand took another couple years to spread in the markets of the Ireland and the UK. Very soon, the brand became very popular. The Sylvanian cartoon was selling like hot cakes in 1988. In fact, for three consecutive years starting from 1987, the Sylvanian Families won the Toy of the Year award. Soon, the Sylvanian Families became quite a familiar name for the kids.

However, the 1990, the brand was not available in the Canada and USA. Yet, they are being sold in other countries across the globe. Once again, Tomy took the initiatives to reintroduce this brand in the USA and Canada. However, this time, the brand was renamed as Calico Critters. Once again, distribution stopped in these two countries in the year 1996. In 1998, the Sylvanian Families stopped its business in Ireland and UK. This time, Flair introduced the brand back in Europe. Though the distribution of the Sylvanian Families has not been very smooth, the demand for these toys has always remained very high.

At present Sylvanian Familiy is one of the leading manufacturers of the toys for kids. They produce as many as seven hundred different types of Sylvanian figures. However, if you consider all the figures manufactured by them, the number will exceed 1400.