Bannerghatta Biological Park To Widen Horizons For Your Exciting Family Holidays In India!

There is no age for heading to a nature trail, like there is no age for playing video games. And, it is not only children or grown up men, who like to spend their holiday playing visual games over the television or play station. A lot of women also like to be a part of this because leaning back on a bean bag the whole day and competing over a game with your joystick is something very exciting. However, coming back to the more exciting activity to do during your family vacations is to explore the wild side of this world, especially India. India is house to a wide range of wildlife sanctuaries and parks that have been sustained till date. These lush areas are shelters to some amazing species of the nation that include animals, birds, reptiles, and other creatures. So, next time, when you want to have some fun with your family, then you can surely opt to discover the wild.

With numerous choices that have been made available in the country for an animal gazing safari, this time you might like to cover the south of India. In the southern state of Karnataka, near the city of Bengaluru lies the Bannerghatta National Park. A small portion within this park called as the Bannerghatta Biological Park has been well maintained for tourists to visit and have a trail of the jungle. This park widens horizons for an exciting family holiday in India for the nature lovers and adventure junkies. Having such a place not only adds to the tourism of India, but also is a great way to educate people and their kids about the rich natural habitat of the country. A day might arrive, when these creatures will become extinct due to the constant deforestation and pollution. Then, you will only be able to see them in pictures. However, in order to avoid such a time, you need to gain knowledge about saving the environment. Taking your child to a wildlife park is the best way to do this, which you can do at Bannerghatta.

Tourists can come across a large variety of species of animals like elephant, leopard, bison, chital, sambar, sloth bear, barking deer, wild boar, wild dog, jackal, mouse deer, bonnet macaque, striped hyena, porcupine, and more at Bannerghatta. Several types of birds and reptiles can also be found here, which comprise of peacocks, cuckoos, eagles, wood peckers, wagtails, flycatchers, strokes, partridges, lizards, crocodiles, tortoise, python, cobra, viper, etc. Frogs and toads can be seen in the water bodies, while you can also explore the butterfly park constructed within the biological park. Now isnt that exciting? In addition to this, Karnataka is one of the best holiday destinations in India, where you can holiday at, during your vacation to the south.

Post the wildlife gazing, you and your family can enjoy the boating trip, which is one of the many refreshment facilities offered at the park. This can bring to a beautiful end to your holiday trip in the country!

Family Problems Faced By Today’s Parents

From getting pregnant to effectively handling the stages of childhood and even keeping a marriage together through it all, being a parent today is a full time occupation. Of all the occupations in the world, none are as challenging or as rewarding as raising a family. The journey is one of self discovery and personal development. The lessons learned are some of the most important you will encounter. The heartaches come, as do the blessings. If you survive through your family problems, you will earn a sense of satisfaction unlike anything you could imagine.

Women of all ages struggle with pregnancy. For some, a pregnancy may be unplanned. For others, pregnancy is a miracle. Some women struggle with carrying the baby to term. 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage. Even more have issues with infertility. Tubal obstructions, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and ovarian cysts are all causes of infertility in women. Overcoming infertility can be an expensive, time consuming challenge. It is becoming more and more rare to find a normal pregnancy where everything happened from start to finish as it was planned, if it was even planned at all. But in the end, no matter how they get here, there is a reason babies are called a “bundle of joy.”

Once the baby is born, especially a first child, parents often find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared. The unknown is always scary and nothing is more so than a brand new baby. Its life is in your hands and you realize you have no idea what you’re doing. The crying, the colic, diaper rash, and worrying about the terrifying Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can give a new parent many sleepless nights. In addition to all the worrying, newborns rarely sleep through the night. You can always tell a new parent by the sleepless zombie gaze.

Eventually you develop a routine with your newborn and get to know its wants and needs. All of that is about to change. As your child becomes mobile, they move into the toddler stage. At first this is an exciting time. New parents get excited about the baby’s first steps and the real words the baby starts using. Then your toddler learns the one word that will change their life and yours – no. This is their first taste of free will, and boy do they choose to exercise it.

This can be an intensely stressful time for parents. Temper tantrums, fits, and refusing to cooperate are how the word “terrible” became attached to the word “twos.” The terrible twos are when boundaries are first recognized. Patiently learning communication skills is your most valuable asset in getting through these family problems. Once they have settled into their boundaries, the toddler years become an exciting time of discovery. As a parent, you get to see the world again through the eyes of your child.

As your child develops, you’ll notice that they mimic things around them. They’ll act like characters from books and television. They will pretend to talk on the phone and say the exact things you do. Conversation skills develop. And somewhere around age 8, they begin seeking their own independence. It’s not that they’re trying to break away from you (that comes later in the teen years). What they’re really attempting to do is define who they are. This is a crucial time for a parent to learn when to and when not to enforce boundaries. Of course you want to protect your child. However, at this point they need to be allowed to make their own mistakes so they can start to learn how to handle them. They also need to learn to be accountable for their actions.

By the time your child reaches the teenage years, if you haven’t already invested in some form of parenting education it is time to start. Once they hit the teenage years, your child has the reasoning skills of an adult without the life experience to back it up. That can make for a challenging time for both the child and the parent. It’s not uncommon for a sweet and loving child to grow into an abusive child when they reach the stage when hormones rage rampantly and social pressures put them into a position to make hard decisions without the experience to back them up. They will develop emotions that they don’t know how to express or control. You can help them through this time, but you could use some help yourself. With some patience and a bit of understanding, your child can finally grow up and you can look back with that sense of satisfaction mentioned earlier.

From the time the child is born until the time they can be considered an adult, you are their number one role model. “Do as I say, not as I do,” is not something you’re going to find in any book on parenting. It makes us accountable for our actions, just as we expect our children to be. Having children can make you want to be a better person. Overcoming the challenges of raising children and dealing with family problems builds your own self-confidence. You give so much to your children over the years. If you’re paying attention, they’re giving back to you as well.

Call your overseas friend and family at local rate

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There are various companies who provide this service. From the time when telephony services has materialized as a growing movement, the rates offered by various service providers for termination are inclined to be very cutthroat thus making it a impulsive market. Hence making it is easier for the consumer to select the best rate offered for the services. Besides rates, constancy in the network and voice clarity are other facets that providers of call termination services and end customers should consider before leasing the network and purchasing minutes respectively. VoIP is fast becoming a widespread mode of communication as it is available for both commercial and residential use, ranging from PC-to-PC service, as well as phone-to-phone. Anybody with an internet connection has the main capability to utilize a VoIP service and benefit from the cost savings coupled with VoIP. A fundamental plan that offers a number of cheap international phone calls from USA and if you are willing to save some money, VoIp will work out well for you. Several business ventures like call shops have grown to offer phones which facilitates & manages long distance calls.

A type of VoIP is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). There are many protocols that exist but SIP VoIP is more prominent for having its roots in the internet protocol industry. SIP is a protocol used for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions with one or more participants. These sessions may include telephone calls made with the use of internet, multimedia distribution, and multimedia conferences. There are many voice services provider serving the nations. With so many voice service provider entering the market the competition is at its peak as a result of which every such voice service provider aims at providing superior customer service, seamless interoperability with the customer network, reliable voice service and the best pricing in the industry. The communication industry has advanced to such great length to make life easier for all.

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Bring Your Family Together This Christmas With Personalized Ornaments

Through ensuring that you have some good craft ideas in mind when the kids are let out of school for the winter, you’ll be able to ensure that your Christmas season is both joyful and fun-filled for the entire family. Making homemade Christmas ornaments will exercise the kids’ creativity and make for superb gifts to give out to loved ones. After they grow older, these kids Christmas ornaments will likely be looked upon fondly and join yesteryear to the present, potentially bringing many generations of your family together. What greater gift could there be?

Personalized Christmas ornaments can take numerous forms, dependant upon what their expected use is. Should you have something fairly complicated planned, think about having your kids Christmas ornaments used as Christmas tree toppers. An original Christmas ornament will almost certainly be prominent, so another suggestion would be to have your kids embellish their own Christmas balls each year. You may use glass ornaments to mark special events, such as a babys very first Christmas, particular anniversaries, or notable achievements.

On the subject of picking which kids Christmas ornaments to make and/or personalize, there are a whole host of available options. Even though an elaborate centerpiece or a homemade Christmas wreath may necessitate a lot of creativity, time, and effort, they will certainly offer a personalized touch that goes beyond the regular Christmas tree ornaments. But when you wish to keep things rather simple, there are lots of Christmas tree ornaments you can acquire that are easy to customize. A few ornament sets are made up of multiple individual pieces, such as Santa in his sleigh, driving a line of reindeer. The sled may have a blank space big enough to add your child’s name and the date.

Other choices for easily individualized Christmas ornaments make use of pictures. These enable you to have a good time and play photographer while you take fun holiday snapshots of your kids and family, and then you can let them determine which pictures they would want to see immortalized on plaques, ball ornaments, or even the inside of a snow globe.

If you are feeling a little more daring and want to create your kids Christmas ornaments from scratch, salt dough is a timeless and creative solution. After picking out the perfect formula and directions from the library, a friend, or an Internet search, you can leave the remainder of the project totally up to the kids. The ornament style, paint, decorative touches, and whatever else . are only limited by the child’s own creativity. Older children might choose to try their hand at ceramics, knitting, or embroidery in an attempt to keep them interested with the crafting project. Should you have a less artistically-inclined child, craft stores and specialty shops typically make available a wide array of ornament kits which are readily personalized and only call for a little bit of assembly.

No matter which craft idea you ultimately choose, these personalized or homemade Christmas ornaments offer an activity that simultaneously occupies your childs mind and fosters holiday memories which will last for many, many Christmas seasons to come.

Keeping The House Rules When Adult Children Return To The Blended Family

Even adult children returning home to a blended family benefit from some rules and boundaries. Adult stepchildren graduating from college today face a tough job market in which to succeed. College kids are returning home, for a place to stay until they can launch their careers. Even tougher, are the kids who return to a blended family, one with a new step parent and step siblings.

Boundaries and rules established and agreed upon, before adult stepchildren return to the nest, are essential for the successful blended family. Adult stepchildren can function well living at home with stepparents when presented with clear expectations.

Focus on the positive in your blended family
Focus on the positive when adult children ask to return home. Adult children, in most cases, don’t want to ask biological parents if they can move in with a stepfamily, and you might consider it a compliment to your successful remarriage when they do. Clearly, your adult child feels comfortable living with the stepparent, and that is flattering. Stepmom or stepdad needs to acknowledge the compliment, and make sure to let the adult stepchild know you are eager to spend more time with him.

As well, after the biological parent and stepparent agree upon a set of rules and boundaries, biological parents should lead a discussion about them with the adult stepchild in advance of the move-in date. Adult stepchildren are often willing to comply with rules when they know biological parents and stepparents are happy to have them around.

Rules and boundaries should be reasonable and consistent
Adult stepchildren are, technically, adults, and should be treated as such. However, the adult stepchild who has returned home and is dependent upon the biological parent and stepmom or stepdad, should obey and respect parental authority. Rules and boundaries agreed upon in advance could include guidelines for
o dining and laundry
o a discussion of career plans
o an agreement to actively search and find a job by within a set period
o housekeeping chores
o an agreement to pay rent after six months
o an agreement to a raise in rent after 12 months
o guidelines for guests
o an expectation of quiet after a designated time or else a curfew will be established
o and an expectation that adults will be treated with respect.

Other discussion topics could include the use of an auto as well as guidelines for gas, insurance, and upkeep; smoking, drinking and girlfriend or boyfriend visits; as well as private time for parent and stepparent. Adult stepchildren who bend or even break established rules should be held accountable with another scheduled family meeting.

Road to independence should be paved with love and encouragement for your adult child
Adult stepchildren moving home is not unusual in light of the job market, and he or she should not be made to feel as if they have failed at adulthood. This won’t help a stepchild and it certainly won’t bode well for the blended family. Once rules and boundaries have been agreed upon in a stepfamily, welcome and encourage your adult stepchild into the remarriage. Make sure he spends individual time with his biological parent and offer positive support in his job search.

Stepchildren, especially adult stepchildren, need their own space, and should be afforded privacy and respect of their belongings by other stepkids. Adult stepchildren who return to the home may need extra help on the road to independence; stepmoms and stepdads who are part of that journey pave the way to a smooth stepfamily existence.

Adult stepchildren who return home are an unfortunate result of the economic downturn, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Biological and stepparents have to discuss and agree upon rules, before the adult stepchild moves in. An adult stepchild is usually amenable to parental guidelines when the discussion is led by the biological parent and assisted by the stepparent.

Adult children who return home to a blended family can find success and independence within a remarriage when expectations are clear and rules are well planned.