Family Travel Tips Germany

Is a family holiday on the cards? Germany is an easily accessible, family-friendly destination with entertainment for all ages. Numerous low cost airlines offer direct links between the United Kingdom and the European mainland country’s airports such as Frankfurt-Hahn, Dusseldorf-Weeze, and larger city airports. It needn’t be a pricey holiday!


If you’re hoping to save money and don’t mind very basic accommodation, hotel chains such as Formule 1 offer very reasonably priced family rooms with bunk beds and communal bathroom facilities. Alternatively, you might be able to snap up an affordable self-catering deal if travelling at low season. Holiday lets are quite common in tourist areas such as the Rhine wine region and Black Forest.

Keen on meeting some German locals? Consider arranging a place to stay through Airbnb, an exciting internet-based project that sees people opening up their homes to foreign visitors for short stays in return for a small fee.

If money’s no object, both Germany’s cities and rural areas boast posh hotels and luxurious guest houses to choose from. For inspiration, think Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt and Schlosshotel Im Grunewald in Berlin.

Sights and Attractions

It’s impossible for any family member to get bored in as big and diverse a destination as Germany. From world class museums for history buffs to theme parks for thrill seekers, no one risks being left dissatisfied with the holiday.

Many families choose to visit Heide Park near Hamburg. It’s one of the country’s largest theme parks with rides including a freefall tower, and various seriously scary rollercoasters.

Outdoor-loving families should visit Bavaria and its Alps. Here, you don’t have to splurge on entrance fees to museums and theme parks as everywhere is an attraction in itself. Hiking is the best way to discover the area so cram your backpacks full of snacks and set off for a day in the wilderness. If you’re kids are begging for more entertainment, visit one of the Kinderlands in Oberstdorf or the Ammergau Alps where they can pet farm animals, go on some rides, and even try their hand at canoeing.

Berlin and its history are fascinating and so worth exploring. For a bizarre adventure with a bit of an edge, visit the abandoned Spreepark fun park that features eery old rides overrun with flora. Guided tours are held over weekends. You could also be checking out MountMitte, an urban adventure park where families can go wild, climbing up all sorts of contraptions and even sliding in and out of old cars suspended in the air. Full safety gear and harnesses are provided.

General Tips

To set your mind at ease, book your accommodation, rental car, and any planned activities in advance. A cheap calls to Germany service may come in handy to sort out all the details quickly and effectively.

Airports served by low cost airlines, such as the above-mentioned Frankfurt-Hahn, do have a tendency to be located outwith city boundaries. Make sure you’re aware of this when you book your flights, and ensure you can get to your chosen accommodation easily and on time.

In Germany, autobahns (expressways) have no speed limits for regular passenger vehicles travelling without an additional load, unless signs indicate otherwise. An advisory speed limit is in place, however, and is 130km/h.

Theme and Amusement Parks in Majorca – Family Holidays For Thrill-Seekers

When youre on holiday, you want to find activities that the whole family can take part in and enjoy thoroughly, and theme and amusement parks of course offer fun and excitement for those of all ages. With something to suit a whole range of tastes in Majorca, family holidays which take in the islands theme parks, zoos and aquariums can be an absolute blast and will certainly keep the little ones entertained.

Looking for Something Wet And Wild?

If there is one thing that Majorca is not short of, it is water parks, and in the heat of summer what better way to cool off and enjoy the thrill of the rides? Western Park, located close to and directly west of Palma, offers one of the best experiences on the island for water-loving thrill seekers. The Kamikaze water slide, which plunges from a height of over 30 metres, is sure to take your breath away, but if you prefer to experience your thrills en famille, the 260 metre-long Mega slide lets the whole family jump in a raft together. These and a whole range of other water slides are not the only attraction of Western Park, however, as it is also based on a Wild West theme. With Wild West shows offering the chance to watch everything from shoot-outs to singing, and the spectacular Wheel of Death and Western Divers shows, a day simply isnt long enough to take in all the great attractions. Aqualand Magaluf is another of the islands water parks and this, along with the Hidropark in Alcudia, offers hours of fun and entertainment for children and adults alike during their stay in Majorca. Family holidays just wont be complete without taking in at least one of these wet and wild attractions.

From the Wild West to Wild Animals!

Whether monkeys or piranhas are your thing, youll be able to find these and many more exciting animals at the variety of wildlife parks, zoos and aquariums in Majorca. Family holidays with small children certainly wont leave you scratching your head for ideas and the Mallorca Aquarium, located in Porto Cristo and covering an area of over 2,000 square metres over two floors, on its own offers one hundred and fifteen displays of species from all over the world. Marine Land in Calvia meanwhile, will have youngsters captivated by the spectacular dolphin and sea lion shows and you can even watch the dolphins frolicking underwater from the underwater tunnel. If a safari is more up your street, then the Auto Safari Zoo on the outskirts of Sa Coma should be ideal. Whether you choose to go by car or to hop on the zoos mini train, you can experience the thrill of seeing everything from giraffes and elephants to zebras, lions, tigers and a whole host of other big cats oh, and windscreen wiper-eating monkeys too of course!

Bring Out the Competitive Spirit in a Round or Two of Mini Golf!

The fantastic thing about mini-golf is the fact that the whole family can join in and have fun. Located at Palma Nova and set in a tropical parkland with waterfalls, caves and lakes, Golf Fantasia offers no less than three 18-hole mini golf courses and the opportunity to spend a full and fun-packed day in Majorca. Family holidays in the area certainly shouldnt miss out on this wonderful attraction; but Dads, just make sure that you let the kids win every now and again!

Deepika spends time with family, thanks to Ranveer

Deepika spends time with family, thanks to Ranveer

MUMBAI: Actress Deepika Padukone can’t thank her “Ram Leela” co-star Ranveer Singh enough for giving her time off to visit her parents for the New Year.

Each year Deepika likes to be with her family at this time of the year. However, this year she was committed to shoot for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Ram Leela” with Ranveer.

Ranveer has lately been running from the sets of “Ram Leela” in Gujarat to the sets of “Gunday” in Kolkata. The actor injuried himself on the sets of “Gunday”, which eventually affected Bhansali’s “Ram Leela” also.

“Ranveer Singh was shooting simultaneously for ‘Gunday’ and ‘Ram Leela’. In fact, the whiskered look that he sports for Sanjay Bhansali’s film has been incorporated into his personality in ‘Gunday’ for the want of a choice. Remember back in 1969 how Rajesh Khanna’s bearded look in ‘Ittefaq’ had to be incorporated into ‘Do Raaste’ as the superstar shot simultaneously for both,” said a source.

Bhansali was all set to complete the shooting of some dramatic scenes between Ranveer and Deepika, but Ranveer’s accident forced the director to postpone the shoot.

And Deepika has quietly taken off to Bangalore to be with her family.

The Process Of Family Court Restraining Orders

Copyright 2006 Law Offices of Donald P. Schweitzer

The first step to understanding the process of obtaining a family law domestic violence restraining order is to understand that this process is quite different from the process involved when protective orders are automatically put into place by the courts in criminal matters. In criminal matters, the police and the court are empowered to issue automatic temporary restraining orders. Evidentiary hearings are not conducted before these restraining orders are put into place. Consequently, in criminal courts the protected party does not need to be a part of the process.

In many instances, victims of domestic violence need to obtain a restraining order in family court, for example, where the criminal court restraining order is not adequate to deal with issues such as child support, spousal support, or custody and visitation. In other instances, a victim of domestic violence may need the protection of the family court where criminal charges were not filed or have been dismissed.

Unlike criminal matters, the protected party seeking a family law restraining order has to file his or her own papers, attend at least two hearings, and be able to conduct an evidentiary hearing. In addition, the Petitioner in a family court restraining order matter is responsible for ensuring that the Respondent has been served prior to the hearing.

At the hearing, Petitioners seeking a family law restraining order must be able to present a case, and convince the judge by a preponderance of the evidence that domestic violence was committed. Thus, a basic understanding of what constitutes domestic violence is essential. In some instances, the matter does not qualify as a domestic violence case, because the parties do not have the right type of relationship. Instead, the case may be filed as a Civil Harassment matter, which involves its own unique process and standard of proof.

The hearing for a permanent restraining order is essentially a mini trial. At the hearing, all of the rules of evidence apply, and both parties have the right to a meaningful opportunity to present evidence and cross examine witnesses. Preparing for a family court restraining order hearing should include, composing direct and cross examination questions, and when possible, gathering of physical and demonstrative evidence. In this high tech age that we live in, e-mail messages, voice messages, and surveillance video are frequently introduced into evidence to prove or disprove a case. Police reports are also allowed into evidence as an exception to the hearsay rule. Thus, litigants should attempt to obtain police reports, whenever possible, as they can be very persuasive to the judge. People within the legal profession recognize the serious consequences involved with the issuance of permanent restraining orders. Given that restraining orders typically impose significant limitations on a partys liberty, and can affect a partys ability to find or maintain employment, these matters are being taken more seriously by the courts in recent years. Courts have become more skeptical of the requests that are made for restraining orders and hold the moving party to his or her burden. Indeed, the days of family courts rubber stamping restraining orders appear to be coming to an end. Consequently, it is incumbent upon any person who is faced with having to be a part of this process to do his or her homework before entering the courtroom.

Ron Pollack Fund Manager, Family Man, Friend. Ron Pollack He’s Back, More Extraordinary Achievements To Come. Ron Pollack Mastering Hedge Funds, Charities And Family.

Ron Pollack: He is back, more adventures to come

After a chance meeting with this man, you probably would have no idea that he had organized one of the biggest and most successful hedge funds in America. At its peak, the fund was valued at more than one billion dollars. Ron Pollack sat in his Florida office dressed in Florida casual–shorts and a T-shirt. He told us about his job as a hedge fund manager and short seller. He also shared details about his family, the charities he has been involved it, and the reason for coming out of a 6-year retirement to manage funds again. Ron says that “short selling is what I do and I need to get back to doing it.”

Ron Pollack is an alumni of Yale (Magna Cum Laude) and earned a M.B.A and J.D. from Harvard. After grad school, Pollack turned to stocks where he joined the ranks of many of his classmates in investment banking and fine tuning his skill as a hedge fund manager. Ron first learned short selling from the Feshbach Brothers.

Both Yale and Harvard seem to have a penchant for turning out successful investors: Jim Chanos (widely credited with exposing Enron as a fraud, and who Ron got to know back in the 1980s when they were both short First Executive Life), Zoe Cruz (a brilliant commodity trader who rose to the co-presidency of Morgan Stanley, a sectionmate of Rons at HBS), Jamie Dinan (CEO of JP Morgan Chase, who Ron used to play pick-up basketball with at HBS), Strauss Zelnick (media wunderkind and Chairman of ZelnickMedia and Take-Two Interactive, Ron’s roommate at Harvard), Scott Schoen and Scott Sperling (co-presidents of leveraged buyout giant THL, and friends of Ron from Harvard), Steve Pagliuca and John Bekenstein (of Bain Capital, friends of Ron from HBS and Yale respectively), Glenn Hutchins (of Silverlake Partners, also a Harvard classmate), to name just a few. Pollack, both a Yale and Harvard graduate, is no exception. After leaving Feshbach in the early 1990s, Pollack built a highly successful family of hedge funds; the most well-known was his short fund, appropriately named Dancing Bear. But towards the end of 2001, Pollack started to a look how he could spend more time with his growing family and helping charities.

“After the terrorist attack on 9/11,” Pollack said, “I was moved by what had happened and I really wanted to help.” The financial markets went into turmoil, and stayed that way, in the months following the attack. Ron felt pulled between his family and his investment business. In November, Ron was on vacation with his three children and his pregnant wife, sitting in a hotel room with his laptop watching the markets. The markets were just crazy and he realized that he had to get back to the office.

On the way back, a he hatched a plan that would not only give him time to spend with his family but also to give back more to society and help with the charities he was passionate about. In 2002, Ron merged his hedge fund business with the Monitor Group in Cambridge, MA. This allowed him to have more time for activities that he loved to do outdoors, volunteer work and spending more times with his kids. He also set up fund-raisers aimed at giving aid to ailing firefighters and law enforcement. Many groups were started because of him.

In his fund-raising role, he sometimes found himself visiting fund managers. Whenever this happened, he became somewhat torn because he had quit trading and he missed being involved. In all the time he served as a volunteer, Pollack actually made only a single trade.

{{{At a charity auction in Vail, Pollack had bid for a day of trading and instruction with a local stockbroker, “just for fun.” Little did this broker know who had won the bid. Needless to say, he was shocked to find out the depth of knowledge that his visitor had. Within the first 15 minutes, Pollack had completed a successful short sale and knew that he “still had it.”|At a charity auction in Vail, Colorado, Pollack, out of humor, was found bidding on a day of trading and instruction from a local stock broker. The broker had no idea who had won the bid. Soon after, he was shocked to find out the vast knowledge and experience his visitor had. Within a short while, Pollack had once again done a successful short sale and knew he was still “the man”|For a bit of personal entertainment, Pollack treated himself to a day of ‘personal training’ and trading with a local stockbroker, which he won at a charity auction in Vail. It was a major surprise for this stockbroker when he discovered who his trainee was going to be and even more of a surprise when he realized quite how much Ron knew about the markets. It took Pollack just 15 minutes to triumph and a successful short sale trade. He then knew that he had not lost his touch.|While at a charity auction, Pollack jokingly bid on a day