Family Business Secrets 5 Strategic Fall Business Tips

As a longtime business consultant, I talk to business owners each day. Key ideas for remaining vital come up all the time when I am conversing with clients and employees. Here are just five I would like to share as we prepare for falls traditional uptick in the marketplace.

Host an Event

Open your office for a networking opportunity, a business briefing or a breakfast. Get clients and prospects through the door. If your budget is lean, partner with a complementing business. For example, if you are a real estate broker hosting first-time home buyers, allow a mortgage company to provide catered food and coffee.

Meet with Advisors in Person

Ask your A-Team (think your lawyer, CPA, benefits consultant) to meet face-to-face. Discuss changes in your operations, ask for discounted fees or propose performance-based billing in exchange for a renewed commitment to do business together.

Conduct Informational Interviews

Some genuine stars, the best and brightest managers, salespeople, financial planners and artistic professionals are seeking work right now. So, too, are high-energy college graduates. Meet with themeven if you do not have a job opening. Fifteen minutes may inspire a job seeker to share industry insights. It also may inspire you to bring on a consultant until a full-time position is available.

Sharpen Your Sword

So you have sold widgets for 15 years by doing X, Y and Z for five hours a day. You are still doing X, Y and Z, but your sales are down by 50 percent. Stay sharp. Take classes online, listen to training experts and shake off old habits that no longer yield results. A new economy requires fresh tactics in every industry. Moreover, what worked during exponential growth in the Valley may not guarantee success in todays conditions.

Target International Clients

Our city is on the map, so think globally. Equip your office with web conferencing technology, attend seminars on international outreach and etiquette, discuss foreign currency billing with your aforementioned A-Team and track headlines. Create a customized approach for non-U.S. markets seeking a presence here. If you do not, your competitor down the street will.

Dealing With Difficult People And Family Members Who Stop Communicating

Dealing with difficult people goes beyond working with difficult people but often means trying to handle frustrating and distressing family members. In recent consultations with clients here is an example of a typical experience when dealing with difficult people who are family members.


Here’s what one client explained. I thank you for your suggestions on coping with difficult people. But what I’ve seen is that in dealing with difficult people at work it’s simple as compared to family members. I’ve changed the way I am communicating with family members and they are being very stubborn trying to keeps everything the same.


When I started setting limits, setting boundaries and speaking out about how I truly feel there was a backlash. As other family members have continued to try and stick their nose into my personal space I have been very strong to keep reminding them about my personal boundaries. However, a close family member has stopped talking to me altogether and cut off all communication.


This response from other people is nothing new. This occurs when dealing with difficult people at work and personal experience. When you alter your communication patterns with someone, their first response is to keep working harder to keep the communication the same. When you still persist to change your communication, they often respond by cutting off their communication.


Dealing with difficult people who are family members is often much more complex than dealing with difficult people at work. This is because family members often know the behavior of each other so well. There have been years and years of dysfunctional communication patterns happening in the family system. When one family member attempts to change the way they communicate, the reaction of others is way over the top. Family members often react with a greater degree of resistance to these long held communication patterns. Going to extremes of becoming even more negative in their communication or refusing to communicate.


There’s many ways to handle things when a member of the family cuts off communication with you. But the most vital point for you to remember in dealing with difficult people in any situation is this.


Here it is. In the end other people must take responsibility. You can attempt to work through the issues with them. But ultimately, it’s their decision whether or not they cut off all communication with you.


You have to be aware that no matter how you attempt to handle the situation, sometimes family members decide to ‘cut all ties’ and no longer communicate with you. You need to recognize that in the end it is their decision to behave in this way. You have to actually respect their decision and let go in dealing with difficult people. Let go, give them the space they have demanded and get on with living your life.


In further articles we’ll look at other methods of dealing with people who cut of communication with you. But now stop the guilt. Remember that the decisions adults make are their own choices. Dealing with difficult people in the family means understanding, as you do in dealing with difficult people at work, that everybody makes their own decisions about their lives.

Meditations Meditating for Good Will

One of the things we are taught when we are young is to respect each other and to treat each other with the up most respect. However some where along the way we seem to forget the art of good will. There is a simple meditation that you can use to help you ensure that your heart, mind and soul each day maintain good will towards all mankind.

The first step in this meditation is to sit comfortably into your meditation position. The recommended position for this meditation is to sit on the floor with no back support or alternatively sit on a chair with no back support. Ensure when you are in the position that your back and shoulders are straight, your head is upright, eyes closed with your palms pointing up and open.

Begin the meditation session by using a basic breathing technique. Clear you mind and use the simple breathing technique to ensure that you have focus to start the next stage of the meditation session.

First in your minds eye imagine your immediate family such as your husband or wife and your children if you have them. In your mind, begin with the mantra, “May my family live in total peace and in true happiness”. Continue saying this mantra whilst you see your family in your mind. Feel the love this mantra produces for your family. Feel the happiness and peace as your family lives its life in total peace and in true happiness.

The next stage of this meditation is to now extend that mantra to those people in a wider circle such as your friends, business associates, your customers and anyone who you may have met today. Now extend your mantra and say the follow, “May the people who come in contact with me who I call my friends know the love and peace I have to share.” Feel the love and peace to be extended to these people.

For this to truly work, you must now in your meditation session see one person who may have wronged you during the day. It may have been someone who cut in front of you whilst you were driving, an angry customer or somebody who was abrupt or rude to you. You must now use the mantra, “May the person who felt it necessary to be rude, know true peace and happiness and may they learn to treat others in kind”.

If at any time during your meditation session your thoughts track to inappropriate feelings such as anger or angst towards someone, simply start the meditation session from scratch and practice the mantras till you can get to the point where you can extend the goodwill to the person that took your focus away.

It has been proven time and time again, a person who harbor grudges and hate towards others live shorter lives because the hate builds into stress that causes stress to your body and weakens it. One of the great mantras or sayings I live my life by, comes from the greatest man to have walked on this earth and he spoke these words, “Love one another as I have loved you.” We have Meditation Music available to help you with your meditation. If you are suffering Asthma then check out our Buteyko Breathing Method training program. If you would like to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill to learn how you can achieve greater success then you can get access to this book by visiting our website.

The Family at Large

The world seems smaller because we can get to parts of it much more easily. Even compared to our grandparents, our ability to move to another country is a lot less complicated than it used to be. Globalization means that people can and do move away from the hometowns. This has widened our reach and allowed us to meet cultures and have experiences that were unthinkable two generations ago.

This has come at a cost. We may have gotten wings to span the world but at the cost of our roots. We are becoming disconnected with our family. Worse, we have started to undervalue the importance of family. Family is the best support structure we can have. The family is comprise of individuals who are predisposed to love you and encourage you and help you. What people have forgotten is that these relationships are not automatic. Like everything else, these relationships must be worked on and maintained.

Fifty years ago, if a young man and his wife left, say, Albany in New York and moved to Sydney, he was in effect, starting over. He will acknowledge that he has relatives back in the US but the chances of them meeting will be slim unless he can afford traveling the distance. At any rate, it will be visits that will happen rarely.

In our world now that is not quite the case. The cost of traveling has not necessarily become more affordable but the means of staying in touch has. News that could have taken a week or more would be received in a matter of seconds. Birthdays, anniversaries and other familial milestones can be acknowledged and celebrated much more easily. This does not replace actually sharing these milestones in person, but it does not diminish it either.

The easiest way to do this is to make a website devoted to the family. A free website where news can be exchanged and photographs and videos can be shared. This creates a touchstone where family members can stay in touch and maintain their relationships despite their distance from each other. Because news is received almost immediately, people don’t seem as remote.

It doesn’t even have to be a complicated affair, either. A free website builder can be downloaded and different family members can maintain the site so the responsibility and effort can be shared.

It’s important to tend to one’s roots. The family does not have to be left behind while we’re zooming across the world. We have the tools to keep up.

Now Signed To Hatchet House, Will Dayton Family Ever Climb The Ranks To Psychopathic

All underground rappers who become successful enough to be household names eventually have to partner up with a large record label to continue their growth. For instance, once small time underground rapper Eminem went from being signed to Detroit based independent label Web Entertainment to being signed to Interscope Records as part of a multi-million dollar deal. If he hadnt, he wouldnt be the global superstar he is today. Who else is in that boat?

Flint, Michigan based rappers Dayton Family were just like Eminem was once upon a time: impoverished, unknown, and brilliant. In the mid 90s, Dayton Family (named after the street they lived on, Dayton St.) slowly started gaining notoriety in the clubs around their hometown. Before they could blink they had been signed to a label and created a record that was certified gold.

However as is the case with many such underground rap groups, fame turned out to be more than Dayton Family could handle. After a series of imprisonments and other legal trouble, the Dayton Family had no choice but to take a three year hiatus in the beginning of the 00s. But, as is also the case with many underground rap groups that have suffered the same fate, theres often a third party interested in reviving said underground rap groups faltering career.

In the case of the Dayton Family, those angels were none other than once prominent underground rappers Insane Clown Posse, who own Psychopathic Records. (Described as once prominent here because they are now mainstream, and the underground label isnt as applicable).

Insane Clown Posse started their own record label at the beginning of their own career and called it Psychopathic Records. Today, Psychopathic Records not only continues to be the one outlet for Insane Clown Posses horror rap music, but also the one outlet for an all star roster of other horror rap artsits that are a little more underground than ICP is right now.

Between those underground rap artists and ICP, Psychopathic Records is without question the authority on what is good in the world of the underground rap micro genre horror rap.

That said, Psychopathic Records is the precedent. If you get signed to Psychopathic, its safe to say youre on the brink of making it. Of course, not everyone can be signed to Psychopathic, otherwise the accomplishment of such would be worthless and the label wouldnt be a trusted source of new music. Thats why Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope created Psychopathic Records subsidiary Hatchet House to sniff out the next big thing.

And guess whos signed to Hatchet House now

Dayton Family has only been signed to Psychopathic Records subsidiary Hatchet House since 2010, but if they are at all able to pick up the momentum where it was in the late 90s, these guys will be boosted from the underground rap game back into the main stream. You dont sell 500,000 albums by accident. If that does turn out to be the case, Dayton Family will surely move up the ranks from Hatchet House to Psychopathic Records.