Igbozue Connecticut USA Honors Their Wives in a Family Night Event

On December 13, 2013, Igbozue Connecticut USA held an all night family party. It was an opportunity for the Igbozue men to thank their wives. There were many reasons for these men to do so. It is the women who provided, among other good deeds throughout the unfolding year, hospitable homes when members of the group host monthly meetings.

Igbozue family night is an annual event. This particular event was surprisingly different from earlier ones in three main ways: the event-threatening snow, the big fat cake from ‘IWAC’ and the win or lose anxiety of the raffle.

Igbozue Connecticut USA is a non for profit organization that encourages social interaction among the Igbos- one of the major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The men presented their token gifts and the women received them in full admiration. In an all out display of gratitude, the women danced glowingly in a way that only Igbo men would understand.

IWAC, Igbo Women Association of Connecticut which is the female counterpart of Igbozue Connecticut, had something under wraps for one of their members who had retired and is about to move. They wanted to honor her with a gift. Halfway through the party, it was still a toss-up if the recipient will show up.

Then bingo, she showed up. The dancing crowd went wilder as the Dj played ‘Udor Akpuenyi’ (one cannot pull an elephant on a leash) by Sunny Bobo.

Not familiar with the rhythm of the music, children danced exuberantly in missteps while the oldies danced in measured steps to the beat and lyrics.

The Honoree, Professor Omaa Chukwurah, is a founding member of IWAC. Many misty eyes and cracked voices emerged as peers gave testimonies and recounted their interactions with her. Then it was time to devour the cake.

The indefatigable DJ, Joe Anyafulu had the music right. He delivered soul and highlife music that made guests dance most of the night.

Attendees said that it was a party to remember. Men bantered and laughed heartily while women held conversation and smiled. What started as a shaky night later became one of the organizations most memorable Christmas events.

The raffle generated lots of excitement. There were five winners. Mrs. Eneh won the first prize of a Godiva gift basket containing gourmet chocolate bar and glass tea cups. Mrs. Lolo Anna Okonkwo won a Christmas wreath. The Oredo family from Stamford won a set of Wild-Eye table knives and spoons and the fourth prize, ‘How Broccoli Head Lost Thirty Pounds’, went to Mrs. Pat Anekwe.

The event took place at the executive-inn and suite in Meriden Connecticut. It began at 8 pm with the breaking of the kola nuts, ended at 12.30 A.M with a toast of Champaign. Members came in from different places within the state of Connecticut. A guest came from as far as Stamford. My spouse and I came from Sandy Hook.

Food and drink were plentiful. On the dinner tables were the usual suspects of goat meat, bitter leaf soup, fried plantain, jollof rice, moi-moi, roasted fish, chicken and rice. There was salad for the health-conscious attendees.

The President of the association, Mr. Polycarp Okeke was thankful to participants and praised them for supporting the group despite the bad weather and he reminded guests to drive home safely.

How Your Dysfunctional Family Triggers Can Hold You Back If You’re An Abuse Survivor in Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

A school bus is teetering on the edge of a bridge ready to fall 500 feet downwards into the ravine below. All of a sudden a red and blue blur zips in from out of nowhere and the school bus is pushed back onto the bridge. It’s Superman. Nearby, a cyborg walks onto the bridge holding a piece of green rock. Superman’s legs start buckling and he starts feeling really sick. It turns out the cyborg is holding the one thing that can trigger Superman’s downfall. It’s Kryptonite.


Do you ever find that your family can bring you to your knees like this?


One minute you’re standing strong, and the next minute a cutting remark or something they do just rips you apart emotionally. This is what I call a dysfunctional family trigger. Something someone says or does in your dysfunctional family wreaks havoc with your feelings of well-being.

If you’re trying to overcome low self-esteem, this can be a bit of a heartache for you. You’re trying your best to break new ground in your life, and all of a sudden someone is saying “you can’t do it” or some other negative remark.


Of course, one of the most effective ways to build self-esteem is to try things which engage and challenge you and to keep doing them.


To do this, you have to be willing to put feelings of “I’m not good enough” behind you and take action. Of course, if you’ve got dysfunctional family triggers bringing you to your knees like Superman on Kryptonite, it’s going to be tougher for you to do this.


That’s why you’ve got to do 3 things to combat this problem.


1) Put some distance between you and your dysfunctional family. Spend less time with them (or stop spending time with them altogether). 2) Start seeing a therapist if you’re not already. A good therapist will teach you how to set healthy boundaries and other important life skills to help you build yourself up if you’re an abuse survivor. 3) Keep doing the activities that you find engaging and that bring you a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


I realize you may feel like you’d have no one to turn to if you dropped the dysfunctional people out of your life.


It’s a scary proposition. That’s why I suggest you see a therapist. A good therapeutic relationship can help make you feel safer as you make changes in your life. It can help you understand why you react the way you do to your family, and more importantly, how to stop.

Dealing with dysfunctional family triggers can help you get rid of the negative drag in your life as you’re growing your sense of confidence. Instead of being brought to your knees like Superman on Kryptonite, you’ll be a bit more like Superman leaping a tall building. And that’s something worth fighting for.

Animals And Infants What’s Right For Your Family

Pets are usually great; they love you unconditionally and ask for so little in turn. But there’re also a lot of work. Therefore here are some items to consider before you bring the pet home to your household.

Often time’s young families get puppies as family pets. Pups are cute and playful, nevertheless they also demand a lot of work. Should your family has babies and younger kids then consider all the time it will take if you have a new puppy. Puppies will need several trips to a vet when you first get them for various things. Also a puppy needs a lot of training. It must be taught on what and what not to do including being housebroken.

Your new dog will also need to be fed and exercised on a regular schedule. Dogs tend to be creatures of habit and it’ll develop a routine pretty quickly. So be prepared to feed your dog about the same time every day. Dogs also need exercise everyday to be healthy and happy. They should be walked and some breeds might need to run a few times every day. Do you live in an place where dogs can be walked at least two times per day? Do you have time in your schedule with the newborn, work and family obligations? It isn’t fair to the dog if it cannot obtain the correct daily exercise.

There are a lot of several types of dogs available. You have big and small dogs. There are calm dogs and dogs with more intense personalities. If you have very young children then go with a more mellow breed of dog. Also what kind of space do you have, it wouldn’t be fair to keep a great dane in a tiny apartment.

Some people get cats for pets believing they are much less work than having a dog. There’s some truth to that particular assertion, however do not be deceived. Pet cats need a substantial amount of attention too. Felines also like routine and should be fed at regular times. And while do not need housebreak cats, you might need to litter train your new kitty. By nature the majority of felines naturally utilize the kitty litter box. However occasionally you’ll have to train a cat or kitten. You will also need to clean the cat litter box once or twice daily.

Many folks go with cats because they think that won’t have to exercise them like a dog. It is a fact that you won’t need to walk a cat like a dog, but cats do need exercise. You need to have time to play with them a few times a day. They need to run around and pursue kitty toys.

Just like dogs you will find different breeds of cats. You’ll want to go with a breed and temperament that works will with the family. Also keep in mind cats are much less tolerant than dogs and may not be a suitable pet for families with small children..

Having a family pet can be very rewarding. Finding the right pet for the family just takes a little research. Once you find the correct pet for your family, you’ll wonder what took you so long. Make sure that you look at your local animal shelters for pets, there are lots of great pets waiting there for a great home like yours..

Recommendations on how to guard Your personal Friends and family Selecting SpyBubble

Some folks need heard about Spybubble: Your personal Private Secret agent in the Transfer

Many people of us own learned about the latest cellular software program identified as Spybubble from a new World-wide-web. It has brought on a powerful interest in having this situation simply to hold track of a new life of expensive beloved types. Spybubble is considered to be cell software package developed designed for sensible cell phones, such since new iphone 4, Smart phone, and some other clever phones, which usually grant individual points, usage activities, and some other delicate strategies and information exactly about one’s partner, little ones, or personnel needed for an additional cost. As a result of its main features and then nature of perform well, it’s been thought to be the most important cell spy which may be facing quite a few troubles concerning company reliability, security, liberty, trust, and then not surprisingly privacy. The specific method Spybubble does work is certainly pretty quick. Just about all an individual should try to benefit from Spybubble is normally to invest in this computer software package after all of the source over all the Net, set up in the mobile smart mobile phone, and then offer the item to someone you need to spy on. At the time mounted within the mobile smart cell phone, Spybubble will probably start monitoring and then sending usage specifics, this kind of as calls, Text historical past, MMS history, Internet record, then likewise Gps unit destinations of all of the person, entirely holding a cellphone user unaware of it. You might have all this situation answers by means of the specific World-wide-web caused by having your own personalized signing in Personality as well as username and password which often yourself purchase against the most important Spybubble company. This is definitely a payment which usually you’ll be in good shape with to spend all of the business on a regular basis. If you happen to are generally getting doubts on your partner, your personal staff, or even prefer preserve a detailed eye on your new young children, that could possibly be an awesome program to permit yourself to complete every one of that to secure a competitive charge.

Spybubble includes a amount of abilities similar to call tracking, which will allow anyone to uncover out who seem to the entire cellular user is without a doubt chatting to, and an additional SMS tracker which offers buyers all a SMS sent throughout the bugged cell smart cellphone. Furthermore which, Spybubble may extend everyone use of the entire get hold of information of a new cellphone consumer and give you anyone by working with the entire listing of all a new websites browsed by way of its URL tracker. Above all, this key fact application has the entire potential to locate a new recent whereabouts of a new cell phone as a result of its GPS tracking. And so whenever you own put in it computer software system in your ultimate relative’s, employee’s, children’s or your personal spouse’s cell phone, someone will start off to acquire all that understanding then many people will not even be aware of relevant to it.

Whilst, this key fact software package package is likely to be incredibly useful intended for anyone to spy on people today , it secret agent software program program may be dealing with many concerns in marketplace. More and more critics argue that Spybubble is considered to be a violation of personalized privacy as well as the entire folks employing these kinds of a types of application program needs to be punished; still, a lot of people people today offer also advocated in assistance of Spybubble expressing which it is really a handy application to keep their liked types dependable and then underneath frequent check out. The most important just explanation females secret agent on their relatives by way of Spybubble is actually which in turn all the people actually treatment which involves them and want them to generally be nontoxic and then free of any hazard; yet, an accurate verdict about the specific take advantage of as well as amazing advantages of Spybubble will probably rely within the people as well as any other involved authority who also might confirm which often Spybubble is just implemented suitable for good quality brings about as well as clearly absolutely not being used to harm any customer or relationship. mobile program called Spybubble from a new Internet. This situation has caused some sort of interest in trying that just to keep track of the entire life of dear loved ones. Spybubble is normally mobile software developed suitable for smart mobile phones, such as iPhone, Blackberry, then other smart phones, which provide personal details, usage activities, as well as several other sensitive understanding about one’s spouse, children, or employees for a good additional charge. Due to its aspects as well as nature of perform well, it has been regarded as a mobile secret agent which experts claim has been facing a number of issues with regards to business ethics, security, liberty, trust, as well as of course privacy. The specific plan Spybubble really works happens to be very natural. All everyone should try to begin using Spybubble is to purchase this situation computer software after the entire vendor over the specific Internet, install in a mobile smart phone, and thus then provide it to someone you would want to spy on. Once installed throughout the mobile smart phone, Spybubble will most likely start tracking and thus sending usage details, such as calls, SMS history, MMS history, Internet history, and also GPS locations of the specific user, totally keeping the entire cellular telephone user unaware of it. A person will likely discover all it knowledge via the specific Internet simply by selecting your trusty personal log in ID and then password which in turn everyone buy from the specific Spybubble company. This is definitely a fee which in turn you will have to pay the most important company on a regular basis. Once you are generally having doubts on your personal spouse, your personal employees, or want keep a close eye on your personal children, it may very well be an incredible tool to allow you to do all of that for getting a competitive cost.

Spybubble provides a number of offers such as call tracking, which allows anyone to determine out who seem to a new cellphone consumer is considered to be talking to, and also a SMS unit which in turn delivers everyone all the entire SMS sent inside the hassled cellular cell phone. Moreover which usually, Spybubble can possibly show an individual admission to the most important information of the most important mobile phone user as well as grant yourself with the most important list of all the entire web sites read by its URL system. Above all, this key fact software system has all of the electricity to locate the most important recent whereabouts of the entire cell phone through its GPS tracking. Now once you own installed this situation software system in your own relative’s, employee’s, children’s or your new spouse’s cellphone, that you will start to enjoy all it help and advice and some people won’t even determine surrounding it.

However, that application could be really helpful needed for you to spy on guys and women, this secret agent computer software has long been going through a number of complications in current market. Many people critics argue which Spybubble is certainly an infringement of personal privateness and then a new folks trying such a model of software system should be punished; having said that, many people girls own also advocated in support of Spybubble saying which in turn it is actually a convenient tool to keep their loved ones free from harm as well as under constant watch. The entire only reason persons spy on their family through Spybubble is normally which usually most people really care with regard to them and thus want them to be dependable and thus totally free from any danger; on the other hand, a new true verdict in regard to the entire making use of as well as positive aspects of Spybubble will likely depend at the users and then several other concerned authority who have may verify which often Spybubble is just put to use meant for good quality causes as well as obviously not really put to use to harm any customer or romance.

You will find far more evaluations involving Spybubble someone could possibly uncover the following: http://spybubblelog.com/

Five Ways a Healthcare Kuikei Can Overcome a Career Disappointment!

What is your first response to being overlooked for a promotion or interviewing for your dream healthcare position and not getting it? Do you feel sad, angry or distressed? Does it produce a blow to yourself-esteem or do you view it as a reflection that somehow you are not good enough as a professional nurse/healthcare worker?

Five Techniques/Strategies that can help you cope with a career disappointment.

1.If a career setback creates more than a minimal impact on you personally, you might want to take some time for self-care in order to recuperate emotionally. Sometimes all it might take is a rejuvenating weekend with family or friends if you feel they will be supportive. I have a saying about personal relationships: -There is nothing better than a good relationship, but also nothing worse than a bad one-. If you anticipate you might be criticized or put down by certain family members/friends, it might be wise to avoid talking about the issue with them. You don’t need another assault on your self-worth!

2.Other people who may support you emotionally could be members of positive groups, such as those of a supportive church. (I call them my church family). Turning to a spiritual support system or other social group where you feel your self-worth is -fed- can be helpful for some. You might not want to get too specific about the details if you live and work in the same area as some of your group members may know some of the people at your place of employment or a potential employer, but you can ask in general for support due to a personal setback, etc. If you don’t have any of the above positive support systems available, you might consider also working briefly with a good life, career or wellness coach.

3.Sometimes just taking time for self-reflection can help you recover emotionally more quickly. Using a journal can be helpful to sort out your feelings, and can also be healing. I use a simple composition notebook, but some people like a fancy, personalized one. If you live with someone else, even a spouse, you may want to keep your journaling private. There are journals available with locks. I tend to ask myself (my subconscious) questions, such as how I feel about the career disappointment to help me focus. Then I free write the answer. Other people take time early in the morning when they first get up or just before bed to write anything that comes to mind.

4.Another effective technique for some people is just to spend some time communing with nature and/or their concept of something more powerful than themselves. Twelve step members call this their -Higher Power-, while others may use the term -God-. Remembering who we are in our essence may help some with a more spiritual background to deal with a career setback.

5.Taking care of yourself physically can also help you heal. If you tend to eat a lot of sweets for example when you feel stressed, you might want to try a piece of sweet fruit to help satisfy the craving and drink more water which helps to fill you up and also eliminate toxins. In addition, walking more or other gentle aerobic exercise can help release endorphins that can increase an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Whatever way you may choose to heal from the emotional impact of a healthcare career disappointment, viewing it as a -setback- rather than a personal -failure- may help you recover more quickly.

Disappointment is natural in a healthcare professional career, how we respond to it is what matters!